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How to stream YouTube videos with your favorite video player

If you prefer to watch YouTube videos in a desktop video player, Windows users can install SVPTube, a small and unobtrusive application that allows you to copy in a YouTube link and automatically start playing the desktop video player of your choice. .

Download SVPTube and extract the folder to your computer. You will find the application file in the folder named svptube. When you double-click the app, nothing will appear, but you should have a new YouTube icon in your Windows system tray.

To play a YouTube video through SVPTube, open the video in a web browser and copy the URL (or right click on the YouTube video and click Copy link ). The first time you do this, nothing will happen.

If you go to the system tray and click on the SVPTube icon, you will now see the title of the queued video. You can select your viewing quality, then hit Play. The video should open in your default video player.

To adjust SVPTube settings, you can right-click the icon in the system tray to open a context menu. This includes selecting a default video player to use with the app, selecting its default quality settings, and whether or not to load the app on startup.

You can also choose whether or not to enable autoplay. Autoplay is particularly useful as you can just copy the URL and it will automatically open in your desktop video player without having to interact with SVPTube at all.

To see SVPTube in action, check out the video below:

Windows 10 users may need to change a setting for SVPTube to work:

It doesn't seem to work out of the box leaving it to play with your default video player, no matter what that player might be. If you are facing this problem, please right click on the app and go to Video Player> Choose executable . Here you can select Windows Media Player or other free video player like VLC 6 Awesome VLC Features You May Not Know About 6 Awesome VLC Features You May Not Know About There is a reason why VLC is called the Swiss Army Knife of media players . This article identifies six awesome features of VLC and explains how to use them. Read more.

SVPTube does not save the video to your computer, it only streams it from YouTube through your video player.

What do you think of SVPTube? Do you prefer to watch YouTube videos with a desktop player or would you prefer to stick to streaming online? Let us know in the comments.