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How to see and delete your Netflix history?

You don't want to keep your history on Netflix and you want to delete it? Nothing could be simpler, just follow these few steps.

How to see and delete your Netflix history?

There are several reasons why you might want to check your Netflix history and clear certain titles so that the algorithm offers you different things. However, you cannot do this from all platforms, the easiest way is to go to your desktop browser if you are not using the platform for free.

How to check your Netflix history?

For the moment, Netflix makes viewing history available only on the desktop version of your account, regardless of the subscription plan you have chosen. To access it, you must follow these steps:

  • On your browser's Netlfix page, log in to your account if you haven't already;
  • Go to the account whose history you want to view;
  • If you were already logged in, click on your profile at the top right, then on "Account";
  • Scroll down to "Profiles &Parental Controls" and scroll down your profile list;
  • Click on "History" .

Once you have access to the list, you will be able to consult your last seen titles (be careful, if you have watched a series, it is the titles of the episodes that will be displayed). It is also possible to access the list of content you have rated .

How to download your Netflix history?

Once you are in your account or profile history, you have the option to download the entire list. Just click "Download All" at the bottom of the list and you will receive your titles in a spreadsheet.

It is only possible to open the spreadsheet with software that supports the CSV format. This is particularly the case with Excel since you can do a very simple manipulation to read the CSV file.

Downloading in CSV format means that this option is still only available for the desktop version of your account. Can't get this list through smartphone whether it's Android or iPhone.

How to hide titles in Netflix history?

It is entirely possible to hide titles viewed recently or a long time ago on your Netflix profile. Several reasons may explain your choice:

  • you want Netflix's algorithm to stop showing you similar titles that you didn't like;
  • you don't want to resume playing a movie or a series that you didn't like and you're tired of being offered to watch it;
  • your loved ones have access to your profile and you don't want them to find out that you watched a particular content (we see you, those who watch a new episode when they promised to wait).

Either way, you can delete just a few titles or the entire history. Here's how:

  • Access your history;
  • To the right of the title you want to hide, click the "Hide from History" icon (next to "Report a problem");
  • To clear all history and start over, scroll to the bottom of the list and click "Hide All" .

Clear the contents of the "Resume Reading" section

It is quite possible to delete content from your Android or iPhone application (we don't know yet for the PS5). To do this, just click on the title you want to delete and follow these steps:

  • Click on "Menu";
  • Select the step "Remove from section" .

With another device, you will have to go to the History section to delete the title in question.