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RIOT KDA Crossover:Valorant Could Get K/DA Treatment

The RIOT KDA crossover could be repeated after the musical collaboration of RIOT and League of Legends, but this time it could be with Valorant. According to reports, Riot may be taking Valorant down the same musical path as League of Legends following the huge success of in-game artists like Pentakill and K/DA. The article talks about the possibility of RIOT KDA Crossover and Valorant getting a musical collaboration.

RIOT KDA Crossover:Valorant Could Get K/DA Treatment

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RIOT KDA Crossover

K/DA, a fictional girl group featuring characters from "League of Legends", is a multilingual virtual girl group from Riot Games, which became a musical force in its own right in 2020. Comprised of versions of four champions of " League of Legends” — Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai's — the group debuted in 2018 ahead of the League of Legends World Championship Finals held that year in South Korea. In 2020, they return with a full EP, a new lore and a new featured artist:Seraphine, a new "League of Legends" video game champion and virtual influencer.

RIOT KDA Crossover:Valorant Could Get K/DA Treatment

As mentioned in the game, four "League of Legends" characters make up the four members of K/DA. However, the members of K/DA are alternate versions of their "League of Legends" characters, and while they bear similarities to their in-game counterparts, they don't share the same lore. These four characters are the static members of K/DA, and the identity of the group revolves around them rather than the actual collaborators who lend their voices to the project.

A new mini-documentary from IGN sees Riot Music chief Toa Dunn and Riot Games Senior Creative Director Patrick Morales embark on the creation of virtual K-Pop group K/DA. For dedicated fans of Riot's music or the weird intricacies of giving four video game characters chemistry and personality.

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