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Valorant VCT 2022 format officially unveiled by RIOT

Valorant VCT 2022 Format:The ongoing Valorant Champions Berlin event isn't over yet, but RIOT has officially revealed the season format for the next Valorant VCT next year. This event usually features teams from around the world to earn circuit points to ultimately qualify for the finals.

Although not all the information has been leaked about the event, there are plenty of early information and the format of the future competition in details. The article talks about the Valorant VCT 2022 format which was officially revealed by RIOT.

Valorant VCT 2022 format officially unveiled by RIOT

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Valorant VCT 2022 format

Following the success of the ongoing tour and previous events leading up to regional tournaments, Valorant VCT promises even higher stakes as the strongest teams at the top of the list will feature the best games in the world competing for a trophy. The Champions Tour currently ends this weekend.

The circuit will span Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, and will give Valorant Game Changers, an initiative for the game's top female players, its own global event. VCT Game Changers was first announced at the end of February.

The main goal of Game Changers was to supplement the competitive season by creating new opportunities for women and other marginalized genders within the Valorant esports scene. Each Challenger division will have open qualification, leading to several weeks of competition and culminating in a “grand” tournament to name a champion and qualify teams into Masters events.

Donlon hinted at a future in-game tournament mode that offers casual players the chance to compete for prizes, a feature already implemented in League of Legends and long thought to be introduced in Valorant. P> Valorant VCT 2022 format officially unveiled by RIOT

VCT will retain its three-tier system of Challengers, Masters, and Champions, although the lower tier will receive some changes. A new format will be introduced which will increase the number of games played between top regional teams while also using an "easier to follow schedule".

Whalan Rozelle had also familiarized viewers with upcoming format changes for the VCT for 2022, which includes a revised schedule that sees Masters events reduced to two and Champions advanced to September.

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