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How to sign up for Valorant year-end stats in 2021

Valorant stats are one of the most anticipated things for gamers, just like Spotify Wrapped. These are one year stats for individual players sent directly to the email ID of their RIOT ID which they can view. Gamers always need something that keeps track of all their important stats to improve and become better in the game.

The article gives all the details about Valorant's 2021 year-end stats and if you still haven't received such emails by now, how to sign up to get them.

How to sign up for Valorant year-end stats in 2021

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Valorant statistics in 2021

The previous email from YR1 contained your stats which had the names of the three opponents you killed the most in your matches, followed by the names of your Marquee Agent, your weapon and the map on which you have the most played. This year, Valorant has decided to take its game a step further and send all its players their individual statistics.

These include several details such as matches won, K/D/A ratio, total damage dealt, most played cards and many other features besides the existing ones. However, players should ensure that their associated email ID has been verified with Riot Games.

Below, we've mentioned the steps to take if you want to receive the email from Riot that would have your stats ready and packed.

  1. Open your email client and log in to the username associated with your Valorant account.
  2. Look for an email on the official Riot Games account.
  3. If you can't find it, look in your spam folder.
  4. If you haven't received the email yet, you may receive it in the next few days.

How to register

However, if you still have not received the same, players should ensure that they have signed up to receive this information from RIOT Games. Today is the last day to subscribe, so get your hands on it ASAP.

  • Players should click here and login using their RIOT ID email.
  • Go to the Communication Preferences area below the page.
  • Check the box for "Riot Games Communications".
How to sign up for Valorant year-end stats in 2021

This should ensure that you get all the information RIOT Games needs to send you, including year-end stats. Earlier in 2021, Riot sent an email to its Valorant players, which informed them of their performance stats based on the matches they played throughout 2020-21.

To commemorate the year of Valorant's release, Riot had also rolled out the Year1 Player Cards along with a free-for-all Event Pass that would reward you with 20 Radiante Points, Gun Friends, and more.

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