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How to watch Netflix originals that match your tastes

Netflix is ​​making most of its money to produce original content, but that doesn't mean viewers are actually watching it. Most of the streamed content still consists of licensed non-original content, which means users are watching the classics.

This is quite unfortunate, because Netflix produces some amazing original shows. Maybe now there are so many that you just don't know where to start? Or maybe there isn't enough time in the day to try a show you're not sure you'd enjoy.

Either way, we have a solution for you. Here's what you need to know to find the Netflix Original series that will match your tastes and that you'll really enjoy watching.

If you like...Award winning TV

Let's start with the acclaimed series. That's not to say the rest of Netflix's catalog isn't great; simply that these shows have charmed critics and won awards..

You've probably heard of Stranger Things, a supernatural homage to 1980s pop culture. It begins with a group of kids searching for their missing friend, aided by Eleven, a girl with pyrokinetic powers. Her award nominations are too numerous to list here, but suffice it to say that she is one of Netflix's most popular originals.

Another runaway hit, Orange, is the New Black that sees wealthy businesswoman Piper Chapman, sent to prison for drug dealing. While it's a fun series, it also has a lot of serious things to say about the penal system.

If you like... Comedies

Watching Netflix and chill? Few things help you settle in with your partner better than a good sitcom.

There are series here for all tastes, including Americans who like British humor. 8 British Comedies Every American Should Watch on Netflix. just a few British comedies you should check out, all of which are available to watch on Netflix. Read more . If you love your vibrant, nostalgic comedy, GLOW (“Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling” is for you. If you prefer something sharp and full of gag, try the wacky The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Or if you're looking for something darker and more direct, a series of unfortunate events is perfect. In this context, "more tongue in cheek" means "includes a subtitled baby with wisdom beyond his years and a penchant for biting things."

If you like... superheroes

Comic book fans are a dedicated bunch, so if you subscribe to Netflix just for their Marvel exclusives, you've probably already killed them.

Binge eating isn't always a positive thing, but we can't blame you for plowing Daredevil in particular. Focusing on the blind superhero from Hell's Kitchen, this is the first Marvel show made for Netflix. After this, move on to Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and (unless you're squeamish) The Punisher.

Here is our Netflix ranking. Marvel shows Marvel Netflix shows, reviewed and ranked. Marvel's Marvel Reviewed and Rated comic book creations are now so popular that four of them have their own shows on Netflix. In this article we review each show and rank them in order of awesomeness. Read more to help you decide which to watch first.

If you like... sci-fi

Science fiction remains an immensely popular genre:film, television, and print. So it should come as no surprise that there is a wide variety of sci-fi on Netflix.

The Lost in Space remake is surprisingly good. Altered Carbon, based on the cyberpunk novel of the same name, will stick with you long after the credits roll. And when you've seen The Rain, you'll want to make sure your windows are tightly closed.

It's also worth noting that Star Trek:Discovery is available via Netflix for UK viewers. It's on CBS All Access in America Beyond Star Trek:Discovery:Is CBS All Access worth it? Beyond Star Trek:Discovery:Is CBS All Access Worth It? Is it worth subscribing to CBS All Access just for Star Trek Discovery alone? Is it a good deal overall? Or a waste of money? Read more.

If you like... anthologies

Anthology titles showcase the ingenuity of the television industry. If you used to love The Twilight Zone, its spiritual successor can be found on Netflix.

This is Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker and starring a host of big names like Bryce Dallas Howard, Letitia Wright, and Benedict Wong. Its first two seasons debuted on UK television, but Netflix subsequently picked it up. And man, are we happy?!

The series features plenty of dark humor, but you might also like Easy, a romantic comedy that has attracted the likes of Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Orlando Bloom, and Emily Ratajkowski.

If you like...Sand dramas

Netflix is ​​home to quite a few wackos, like Twin Peaks, which has a massive fan following. Twin Peaks fans love Twin Peaks? 10 Shows You Must Watch on Netflix Love Twin Peaks? 10 Shows You Must Watch on Netflix Are you a fan of Twin Peaks? We can't blame you for loving David Lynch's cult classic. But it turns out that there are plenty of other similar shows worth watching. Read More This horror/mystery tale concerns the murder of two girls in the titular town. The main suspect is a boy who could be a werewolf.

However, if you prefer something more realistic, try the acclaimed 13 Reasons Why. This unravels the events that led to the suicide of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), raising awareness of mental health issues and proving to be one of the best Netflix originals of 2017. You'll be watching in 2017 Netflix is ​​now producing its own original content. And some of the new Netflix originals coming in 2017 definitely look like they'll be worth a watch. Read more.

If you like... Political dramas

As good as House of Cards is, the series is now ending. Fortunately, there's an ideal political thriller waiting in the wings.

Keifer Sutherland plays Thomas Kirkman, the titular Designated Survivor who becomes President after everyone in the line of succession before him is killed in an explosion. He must face a job that he does not have enough experience to do. As he investigated the circumstances that led to his ascension..

Netflix airs this internationally, and it could be its future after ABC canceled it in the US. He crossed his fingers, because season 2 ends on a cliffhanger.

If you like... Historical dramas

They say you should always learn from the past, so why not delve into the magnificent historical dramas lurking on Netflix? The two main candidates are poles apart:one is largely overlooked and the other is an international success.

The first is Marco Polo, who didn't do very well despite the money Netflix spent on him. The problem may be that it's a slow burner, which means you have to get through the first two episodes before you get hooked.

Then there's The Crown, reportedly Netflix's most expensive series. And it's all on screen:the cinematography is superb, the writing incredibly sharp, and the cast, including Claire Foy (Breathe) and Matt Smith (Doctor Who), is outstanding.

If you like... Kids TV

While many of the above series are appropriate for children, they may not keep them totally entertaining. Whether you need something to occupy your kids or want to watch with them, Netflix is ​​there for you.

Turbo FAST was the first Netflix original for kids, and picks up after DreamWorks animation Turbo. This revolves around the quaint idea that a snail is picking up speed. You'd be surprised how well this seemingly small notion unfolds over the 52 episodes.

And Mark Hamill is the voice of Breakneck, which is awesome. Speaking of which, Star Wars enthusiasts need to see the full-length Clone Wars.

Alternatively, if you're trying to limit the amount of time your child plays video games, Skylanders Academy is a solid option. It will only become more popular when its main character, Spyro the Dragon, is reinvigorated in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

If you like... documentaries

Big kids should definitely check out The Toys That Made Us, a documentary series that chronicles the stories of popular franchises. It started with Star Wars, a "small" brand rejected by Hasbro and Mattel but picked up by Kenner Products.

Subsequent episodes have focused on Star Trek. Beginner's Guide to the Star Trek Franchise. Beginner's Guide to the Star Trek Franchise. Most people know Captain Kirk, Spock, and the Starhip company. But beyond that, how much do you know about the Star Trek franchise? Our beginner's guide answers all your questions. Read More This is a true hidden gem.

But if you want something darker, try making a killer. It was shot over a decade and tells the true story of Steven Avery, wrongly convicted for 18 years before being exonerated in 2003 based on DNA evidence. It is an eye-opening experience..

Make Netflix worthwhile with more original content

The price of Netflix may have increased, but Netflix is ​​still worth it. And the company is so focused on creating exclusive series and movies that Netflix has significantly reduced its catalog in recent years.

Fortunately, it's still full of great content, so you should be able to find Netflix movies you'll love How to find Netflix movies you'll love How to find Netflix movies you'll love Netflix has a huge library of content. This is why you need to know how to find movies that you will love. Fortunately for you this article is full of advice. Read more.