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How to control soundbars with a Roku TV remote

Considering that televisions are very expensive, the speaker systems in them are surprisingly poor. The problem is mainly caused by the available space. As TVs get progressively thinner, the speakers have less room to work with, so we end up with shallow sound. “cascade” sound.

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However, if you use a media streaming box like Roku Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku:Which media streamer is right for you? Chromecast vs. AppleTV vs. Roku:Which Media Streamer Is Right For You? Media streaming devices are simply awesome. Those little boxes that plug into your TV can add a host of entertainment options to your living room. But which device is best for you? Read More Here's how to get your Roku remote to work with a soundbar.


Audio Return Channel (ARC) It is an infrequently mentioned audio protocol. Nowadays, it is more and more prevalent in HDTVs.

If you use ARC over HDMI to connect your soundbar to your TV, Roku TV can use Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) to control the volume of the soundbar. Unfortunately, if you use optical cables to connect, you're out of luck.

Not ARC? No worries

Even if the soundbar doesn't support ARC, the Roku TV remote could still work as long as the speaker supports HDMI. Navigate to Settings> System> Control other devices and turn on Audio control system . If ARC is not used on either end, the remote could will continue to work.

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Did you get your remote working? What setting worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.