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10 YouTube Music Videos Guaranteed To Annoy Your Friends

Teasing your friends is fun. There is a perverse pleasure in watching them slowly lose their sanity while you subject them to mild forms of torture. Since people care so much about music, one of the best ways to reach them is to force them to listen to a song they hate. From the first notes to the final chords, they'll be cursing your name.

To get you started on this winding road, here are 10 songs you can find on YouTube that are sure to drive you crazy. You can post them on your favorite social network, add them to a party playlist, or just put them in the car. However your friends listen to them, they won't be happy.

Axel F - Crazy Frog

Before you can easily make your own ringtone Make your ringtone awesome with retro video game sounds Make your ringtone awesome with retro video game sounds If you are still using the generic ringtone that comes with your phone, it's time for a change. Why not use classic video game music with an amazing new ringtone? Read More One of the most popular ringtones in the early 2000s was, for some absolutely unknown reason, “Axel F” by animated artist Crazy Frog. Every commercial break on TV for (what seemed like) a few years had this computer-generated creature whipping out ringtones at ridiculous prices.

Crazy Frog's sound was made by a Swedish teenager who, again for some absolutely unknown reason, made a sample for himself posing as an engine. A Swedish animator decided that this awful sound needed an equally awful animated character to accompany it, and Crazy Frog was born.

Sharing “Axel F” with your friends will have them all having horrible flashbacks to 2003. Surely no one's sanity can handle it.

Friday - Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black's “Friday” exists in the rare place where something done seriously crosses over into parody. The song has all the trappings of a modern pop hit:the autotune, the meaningless lyrics, the weird video, the unnecessary rap jump, but a 15-year-old girl put it together.

While the hate directed at Black was a bit much worse than Hitler:why do flamewars happen? Worse than Hitler:Why do flamewars happen? Why are flamewars so common on the web today, and is it really a new phenomenon? Read More Even now, as the opening bars open, anyone with good taste in music visibly cringes.

Remind your music snobbish friends of "Friday" and they'll be sure to "thank" you.

Gold - Ballet Spandau

As I write this article, “Oro” by Spandau Ballet was the only song that absolutely refused to leave my head. No other worm has the ability to bury so deeply. What really cements its place in your head is the perfectly looped chorus:

And back to the start. Even seeing the title of the song can be enough to bury it firmly in your friends' heads. Use this weapon with caution..

Imagine, anyone who isn't John Lennon

John Lennon “Imagine” is a classic track that wishes for an impossible future with a united and peaceful humanity. Unfortunately, every 13-year-old who can hold a recorder is taught how to play.

The only thing that will annoy people more than a terrible song is an amazing song with a terrible performance. From your nephew's guitar cover to CeeLo Green's lyric change abomination, no one but Lennon has done the track justice.

Drive everyone you know crazy by choosing the worst cover you can find and proclaiming it. “better than your Beatles man” all over social media.

Gangnam style - PSY

I love “Gangnam style” - I didn't even want to include it on this list, but when I asked my friends which songs bothered them the most, it was among the top contenders.

What could not be loved? The amazing beat, the catchy lyrics, the dance you can do drunk, and the trippy video come together in what is, in my opinion, an obvious masterpiece. If your friends, like mine, are dead inside, then sharing "Gangnam style" will annoy them for some strange reason.

Barbie Girl - Aqua

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world..." Even just reading that line would probably make you want to hurt me; I know I had to remove all sharp objects from my desk to write it. While some of Aqua's tracks - like "Doctor jones" - are fantastic [Editor's note:MakeUseOf doesn't condone these views], "Barbie girl" crosses the line firmly from cheesy fun to mind-numbing. ears.

Put it on and watch your friends become amateur audiologists.

Nyan Cat - Someone who needs to be tried for crimes against humanity

I don't know how “nyan cat” became a “thing”, but what I do know is that whoever is responsible must be brought before the International Criminal Court and must answer for what he has done. Add Nyan Cat to your progress bars, because it's awesome Add Nyan Cat to your progress bars, Because it's awesome Is your Windows progress bar stupid, green and boring? Make it 5011% more awesome - add the infamous Nyan cat, trademark music and rainbow. It's just a simple download away. There... Read More This auditory assault is the musical equivalent of waterboarding; Being subjected to it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment..

Sharing it with your friends then seems like a completely obvious course of action to take.

Anything - Nickelback

Look, I'm going to be honest:I really like Nickelback and I think the hate against them is completely unjustified [Editor's note:No, it's totally justified]. On the other hand, commenters have previously questioned my taste in music. These Kanye Fans Don't Know Who Paul McCartney Is, And That's Okay These Kanye Fans Don't Know Who Paul McCartney Is, And That's Okay. Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney collaborated on a new track You'll totally believe what happened next. Read more…

In any case, there are many people who think that liking Nickelback is equivalent to killing kittens. If you really want to brand them, share any song of your choice from Nickelback's oeuvre with a title that says something like, “Look, I'll be honest:I really like Nickelback and I think the hate against them is completely unwarranted.”

People will be very angry. Trust me.

Baby - Justin Bieber

It is well established that the Internet hates Justin Bieber Why the Internet hates Justin Bieber [Weird &Wonderful Web] Why the Internet hates Justin Bieber [Weird &Wonderful Web] Justin Bieber is a phenomenon. He has millions of fans clinging to his every word and action. Yet this '90s kid is hated in no uncertain terms on the internet. But why? Read More I always find it's best with these things to go with the classics:"Baby," the song that started it all when Bieber still had his good little boy image (and his cute one), is perfect..

I'll never give you up - Rick Astley

This list wouldn't be complete without Rick Astley's classic, "It's Never Gonna Give."

What was once a classic 80's power ballad, was ruined by the internet with the invention of Round Up Those Crazy Web Words and Phrases Explained Those Crazy Web Words and Phrases Explained There have been more new words invented in the last decade who never thanks to this new fang "internet" thing. It's easy to see how old people are, and by old I mean... Read More You can't just share “It's Never Gonna Give,” You have to trick people into thinking it's something else. Rickrolling was really annoying a decade ago; Doing it to people is now the digital equivalent of putting stink bombs on the dinner table.

You don't just hit them with a bad joke, you hit them with a ridiculously old bad joke.

Go ahead and tease

So, there are 10 songs that are guaranteed to drive your (soon to be) friends up the wall. There's a good mix to cover everything from mildly irritating to self-mutilating. They are all powerful tools. Use them with care.

What songs annoy you the most? Do you have any particular favorites that are sure to drive your friends crazy? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below, here at MakeUseOf, we're always looking for new ways to annoy each other.