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10 Old Saturdays Live, Live Clips To Watch On Hulu

Saturday night live (SNL ) has celebrated its 40th anniversary, but many were disappointed by the big party. Citing a lack of originality and more reliance on recollection. "the good old days" than to stay fresh and relevant, many have left SNL in favor of other sources of comedy, such as YouTube comedy channels Top 10 YouTube Original Comedy Channels Top 10 Original YouTube Comedy Channels Life can be depressing sometimes. I don't care who you are or how good your life is, there is always the possibility that something or someone can knock you off your happy perch and… Read More .

While SNL I used to be edgy and satirically savvy Fake It:8 Of The Best Fake News Websites Fake It:8 Of The Best Fake News Websites Keeping up with the news of the day, whether it's local, national, or international, is important. It is never good to bury your head in the sand, unaware of what is happening around you. However,… Read More It's done. To help you rediscover the show's past, here are 10 great clips from various years of SNL. . Note that it's almost impossible to find them on YouTube, so we'll be using Hulu to enjoy these scenes.

[Content Warning:Some of these clips contain strong language and suggestive content.]

Celebrity Jeopardy! :Stewart, Reynolds and Connery (1998)

This recurring skit features Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek hosting the popular TV game show Danger! The Real Life Celebrity Edition features stars playing for 7 charity apps and websites to help you donate money to charity 7 websites to help you give money to charity. Give more money to charity and become a more engaged human citizen using these 7 apps and websites. Read More SNL makes fun of this by introducing categories like "Colors that end in orange.." Despite the low difficulty, the quizzes are woefully inept as they don't respond to anything and also annoy Trebek to the breaking point.

This particular episode features Jimmy Fallon as French Stewart, Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds, and Darrell Hammond in his recurring role as Sean Connery. Much more "famous" appeared in the fifteen episodes, such as Tom Cruise, Bill Cosby and Keanu Reeves. It's a winner because of the excellent celebrity skits, Trebek's constant nagging at Connery, and the fun categories and questions.

Total Bastard Airlines (1994)

Anyone who has ever had a bad flight experience will appreciate this one. David Spade and Helen Hunt star as the flight attendants who usher everyone off the plane with a quick "O-God!" It's a perfect caricature of the typical airplane experience.

Other SNL the members are among the passengers and give the stewards various levels of pain for their behavior, but they have none of it. Everyone gets an “O-God!” Hopefully you won't run into these two on your next plane after getting cheap airline tickets Get Cheapest Airline Tickets With These Apps Get Cheapest Airline Tickets With These Apps Looking for cheap flights? Then you definitely need to download at least one of these apps! Read more !

Debbie Downer:Birthday Party (2004)

Debbie Downer is always there to spoil the fun. Another recurring skit, this one features friends trying to enjoy situations like being at Disney World or a birthday party. However, Debbie always reminds them of the latest natural disaster or infectious disease.

Everyone knows Debbie Downer in real life, which makes this sketch even funnier. It's a humorous look, but it really shows how being negative can instantly ruin everyone else's mood. Be happy How to be happy in five minutes a day How to be happy in five minutes a day Psychology has begun to shed light on how to make yourself happier. New products and applications are using these results. One of these promises will make you happier in just five minutes a day. Read more and see what makes the difference!

Harry Caray:Space, the infinite frontier (1997)

Harry Caray, the legendary baseball announcer, had a unique style that begged to be parodied. Beyond Parody:5 Internet Jokes That Gone Into Something Bigger Beyond Parody:5 Internet Jokes That Gone Out Into Something Bigger Read More SNL happily grateful, and gave us this skit starring Will Ferrell and Jeff Goldblum. Harry Caray puts on a ridiculous space show and brings in an expert to discuss recent developments in the field, but quickly veers off to less esteemed topics.

I'm surprised Goldblum didn't laugh out loud during this performance; Ferrell's impression of Caray is great and he gets more ridiculous as the sketch continues. Would you eat the moon if it was made of spare ribs?

The Sinatra Group (1991)

Phil Hartman was one of the greatest impressionists on SNL, and his role in the fictional Sinatra Group was certainly a highlight. Along with him are other musicians who together hold an "Unrehearsed discussion of current issues in the recording industry.."

Satirically looking at the state of music, Sinatra insults the most modern artists and asks increasingly inappropriate questions. Another cool set of knockoffs, held together by Hartman, makes this a classic.

Fun Fact:Phil Hartman acted as the mascot for the little-known game 4 Failed Video Game Mascots You've Probably Never Heard Of 4 Failed Video Game Mascots You've Probably Never Heard Of Everyone knows about Mario and Sonic, but there have been plenty of Strange pets who did not notice. Let's talk about a few and see why they failed. Read More Captain Blasto in the 1998 game of the same name. As his life was tragically cut short just weeks after the game's release, a sequel never saw the light of day..

More Cowbell (2000)

Perhaps the most loved. SNL Skit of all time, More Cowbell is a parody of VH1. Behind the music. It features the band Blue Öyster Cult recording their hit. “(Don't be afraid) The reaper” With the assistance of the music producer. the Bruce dickinson. Will Ferrell plays Gene Frenkle, a fictional member of the band who plays a cowbell.

The other members are distracted by Frenkle's vigorous cowbell playing, and frequently stop taking him. However, Dickinson focuses only on the silly instrument, urging the band to give it "more cowbell." This iconic phrase, combined with Christopher Walken's stoic interpretation, cemented this sketch as a smash hit.

It is interesting to note the differences between this sketch and reality; While the final track does have a cowbell, it's only slightly audible. Also, the name Bruce Dickinson is not an exact fact; an intern at SNL accidentally used a Greatest Hits CD instead of the original to find the producer of the song.

Penelope:Wedding (2009)

The most recent clip on our list, the Penelope parody set, stars Kristen Wiig as an upset woman who has to help everyone else in the room. As the events continue, Penelope's claims become increasingly ridiculous, until another character has had enough of her and mocks her with her own claims. It's good that Penelope isn't on Twitter, but there are a lot of people upset. The Five Most Annoying Things People Do On Twitter The Five Most Annoying Things People Do On Twitter Twitter also has a darker side. It's full of annoying jerks who seem to tweet for the sole purpose of making everyone unlucky enough to find them annoyed. These are the places... Read More

At the end of each episode, Penelope is actually doing something outlandish that she claims the ability to do, which adds to the absurdity. It may be a newer sketch, but Wiig has a brilliant character here. After all, we've probably all wanted to slap that guy who always has a better story. 5 free apps to tell creative stories on Instagram. 5 free apps to tell creative stories on Instagram. Sometimes Instagram's built-in features just aren't good enough to tell the story you want. But there are some innovative third-party apps that let you get creative with Instagram. Read more.

Family Dinner (1998)

The dysfunctional family dinner is so awkward for what seems like hours, until the father breaks the silence with a boring story. Passive aggressiveness and outright contempt abound; that's all there is to this.

We've all had a bad night at the dinner table (or maybe an argument with family on Facebook) The pros and cons of having your parents and other family as Facebook friends [Opinion] The pros and cons of having your parents and other family Like Facebook Friends [Opinion] According to Facebook, more than 800 million people now actively use the social media giant. You don't know most of them, of course, but some are very close to you. Even your grandmother might … Read More ), and this skit exaggerates our belief that there is always a family crazier than ours. Just remember not to pick on a man driving a Dodge Stratus.

Down the River (1993)

Other SNL classic, this skit has the late Chris Farley playing fictional motivational speaker Matt Foley, who tries to motivate two teenagers after his parents catch them using marijuana. However, Foley is probably the worst motivational speaker of all time.

Everything about this skit is gold. Farley avoided the move of pulling up his pants with both hands, both David Spade and Christina Applegate are visibly suppressing laughter the entire time, and Farley's crash into the table was a complete accident that became one of his signature moves. . As Ryan advised, whenever someone is a jerk to you, think of them living in a van by the river 5 Reasons You Really Don't Have To Worry If You're Stalked [Opinion] 5 Reasons You Don't Have To Worry If You're cyber [Opinion] Many cyber "gurus" tell kids how to create posts online - that what you post online you can never get back. The thing is, that's not entirely true. I'm here to give you a ... Read more .

Wayne's World - Police Chief (1989)

A few SNL parodies spawned movies, but Wayne's World It was by far the most successful. Starring Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey as two humorous rock-loving goofballs who broadcast their indie show from a basement, the goofy humor and terrific performances make this one beloved by many. The “guest stars” in each episode added to the laughs..

There are many Wayne's World skits, and if you enjoy them, be sure to watch the movie. There's not much more SNL than this!

Reliving the classics

These are some of the best clips from Saturday Night Live To enjoy, but they are far from the only ones worth seeing. Generally, SNL it is better enjoyed by watching individual clips online rather than watching them on TV as you can skip all the flaws. So you won't be missing much if this is your first foray into the show!

Looking for more laughs? Take a look at some of the movies that are so bad they're good. Torture with the top 10 bad movies on Netflix. Torture with the top 10 bad movies on Netflix. If you feel like torturing yourself, start by looking at the top 10. Bad movies we could find on Netflix. They are so bad that they can be really good. Or not. Read More other. We won't travel that far back through the misty mists of time, but what follows are 10 of the funniest songs that parodies… Read More .

What are your favorites Saturday night live clips and artists? What season of the show do you consider the best? Let's continue this list - and the conversation - in the comments below!