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Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India) Bad News for Gamers

Since the start of pre-registration for the new Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India) from May 18, fans of the game have been unable to contain their excitement. The trailer, which was released on the same date, has already crossed 11 million views. This clearly shows the hype around Battlegrounds Mobile India.

It received 7.6 million pre-registrations on its opening day, surpassing 20 million pre-registrations in two weeks. After learning from its previous failures, the developers have introduced new policies and restrictions for underage players or players under the age of 18. Here we will discuss the new policies introduced by Battlegrounds Mobile India.

New Policies and Rules of Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India)

It is known that PUBG Mobile was banned by Indian government in September 2020 due to privacy and security concerns. To make a possible comeback, the game must comply with security and privacy concerns. So, the developers revised their privacy policy and created a region-specific version of the game. According to the new privacy policy, users under the age of 18 face many restrictions which are stated below:

  • Parental consent is required

Under the new policy, players under 18 must obtain parental consent before playing. Game time is also capped for players under 18 as they can only play a maximum of 3 hours per day.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India) Official Logo, Release Date Announced

  • Data protection and other restrictions

Under 18s will need to register for Battlegrounds Mobile India and will need to use their parent's mobile number for confirmation. If parents think that their child is getting addicted to Battlegrounds Mobile India and spending many hours playing the game then parents can also contact the developer to deactivate their children's account. According to Krafton, all Battlegrounds Mobile India players' game data will be stored on servers in India and Singapore.

Players who pre-register for the game will also receive exclusive pre-registration rewards after release.

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