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Battlegrounds Mobile India teases PUBG Mobile's Erangel map with a twist

Battlegrounds Mobile India is about to launch Indian version of PUBG Mobile soon. Pre-registration opened on May 18. According to a teaser released by Krafton, the next map in the game features a similar map to the original game, Erangel, well, almost similar. Some changes may have been introduced to make differences from the previous version of the game.

It's the most anticipated game of this year, taking some relief with pre-registrations set to begin soon. All Indian gamers have been waiting for this game for a long time. After several obstacles and difficulties with the Indian government, Krafton finally confirmed the existence of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India teases PUBG Mobile s Erangel map with a twist

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Let's see what are the changes that have been introduced in the new map of Battlegrounds Mobile India and the reasons for doing so.

India Mobile Battlegrounds:Erangel like Erangle

The popular map from the original mobile version of the PUBG game, Erangel, which features the infamous Water Tower, is likely to make a return to the Indian version of the game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, based on the teaser from the Facebook page of the game developer Krafton. . However, it looks like the map will be called "Erangle" in the Indian version of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India teases PUBG Mobile s Erangel map with a twist

Krafton's latest teaser features an Indian setting with chai glasses and a few scattered Polaroids, one of which depicts the landscape of a map we know well, Erangel from PUBG Mobile, but with the writing 'Erangle scribbled on it. While the others aren't decipherable since Krafton previously teased Sanhok's map through a teaser, it's not impossible to guess that the rest of the maps might be coming as well. Krafton had also shared a teaser for another map in the new game, which looks a lot like the Ban Tai dock from the original game.

Krafton may be trying these minutes, but some sort of change, trying to get Battlegrounds Mobile India to hold back everything possible from PUBG Mobile without explicitly doing so to avoid calling out the government. The game is expected to feature the popular battle royale mode, along with specific content tailored to Indian audiences.

Battlegrounds Mobile India teases PUBG Mobile s Erangel map with a twist

Although he has kept everything under wraps so far, former Union Minister and current Arunachal Pradesh MP Ninong Erin had previously written to the Prime Minister stating that the game's release was a threat. for the privacy and security of Indians, with a call to get the game banned.

Although Krafton has yet to make any official announcement regarding map availability and feature parity with the original PUBG mobile game, it would appear that the revived Indian version of the game has been modified from the original version to comply with government requirements after it was banned in the country last year.

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