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DRS Gaming Acquires Wizzes With Vibes PUBG Mobile Listing

Nepal-based DRS Gaming recently released the players who have long competed with them in major PUBG Mobile tournaments, have already announced their new roster which will be seen competing in other tournaments of the battle-royale game.

PUBG Mobile Esports has become a global phenomenon with organizations from different countries bringing in experienced gamers, hoping to deliver a heart-pounding performance. With competitive tournaments planned for the coming year, organizations are making sure to present the best roster for upcoming tournaments.

DRS Gaming Acquires Wizzes With Vibes PUBG Mobile Listing

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DRS Gaming announces new PUBG Mobile roster

DRS Gaming or the Da Real Soldiers have been an active eSports organization in Nepal that entered the competitive PUBG Mobile scenario by signing a relatively new roster. The team, despite their amateur knowledge of competitive gameplay, performed well in the official tournaments of PUBG Mobile, even becoming the winners of the PMPL SA Season 4 League.

However, their performance continued to deteriorate as they headed towards the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021. They were able to claim the 13th position at the PMGC League Finals East. As a result, the team was released a few days ago. However, DRS Gaming has already announced its new players on its official social networks.

"After every dark night, There comes another day full of lights. We are back with the days full of lights, Your favorite DRS Gaming is back in the game. We hereby present you the defending champions of PMPL SA S4 as the new lineup for the year 2022. These lad's will be representing DRS Gaming in all the national as well as international events of PUBGM. We will work together to make our dreams come true, the dreams we saw together to become the champions again and represent Nepal in Globals.We would like to thank all the supporters and well wishers for the love and supports."

They signed former Wizzes players with Vibes who became PMPL Season 4 Finals Champions in South Asia. The players who will now be competing under DRS Gaming are mentioned below-

  • Subin Kumar Prajapati (RulzSR)
  • Bishwash Karmacharya Shreshtha (ReaperX)
  • Deepesh Gurung (DeltaX)
  • Tshering Dorje (Rebel)
  • Shahas Adhikari (KILLER)

The team has a perfect balance of entry fraggers, skilled game leader, and players who can provide essential support during the fight. After putting in a remarkable performance, the team missed out on the PMGC League East 2021 spot by an inch.

DRS Gaming Acquires Wizzes With Vibes PUBG Mobile Listing

The old list of DRS Games was acquired by Skylightz Gaming, an organization based in Singapore. Fans will expect a great performance from these two qualified teams.

Skylightz Gaming Acquires Former DRS Gaming As PUBG Mobile Nepal Roster