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Why is Netflix right to cancel shows that no one is watching?

Netflix has been roundly criticized in a few quarters after announcing a string of cancellations, including fan favorites like Sense8 .

These cancellations are also set to continue, with CEO Reed Hastings recently saying:

And you know what? He has all the reason. Netflix should cancel the shows no one is watching, and here are all the reasons why.

Netflix exists to make money

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Unlike commercial networks, you do not see ads. You don't have to skip the boring parts because you won't see a one-minute endorsement for a vacuum cleaner. However, the popularity of the shows is what dictates the rates on Netflix.

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Why is Netflix right to cancel shows that no one is watching?

However, Netflix isn't totally ad-free, it's just not in a form that's instantly recognizable.

No hard-hitting shows like Stranger Things , Netflix was unable to get high rates for product placement.

In case you're not familiar with that term, it's a clever technique used in the film and television industry where brands pay for screen time for their products. Notably, the 24th James Bond film, Spectre , hit the headlines for the number of brands seen throughout How James Bond Made Me Buy an Apple Watch. How James Bond made me buy an Apple Watch. Bond has always had a thing for watches. In fact, some of the best gadgets Bond has ever worn have been watches. Which means he would buy an Apple Watch. As I will with I. Read More In fact, without these product placements, the film would not have been made at all.

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We expect ordinary networks to cancel shows to satisfy advertisers and critics, why should we think Netflix is ​​any different?

You need to stop worrying about shows

There may be an answer to that question here. Society encourages all of us to become too attached to spectacles. Just look at the following dedicated for shows like Doctor Who , Game of Thrones , and Star Trek . Until Star Trek:Discovery , The latter has not produced new content for TV since Company it concluded in 2005. But the Beginner's Guide to Star Trek A Beginner's Guide to the Star Trek Franchise A Beginner's Guide to the Star Trek Franchise Most people know about Captain Kirk, Spock, and the starship Enterprise. But beyond that, how much do you know about the Star Trek franchise? Our beginner's guide answers all your questions. Read More

Your GIFs, fan art, and “Shipping” character count is great for Netflix because it generates additional publicity for its various series.

It's totally necessary for shows that don't have a massive following to be cancelled. You'd expect it from ABC and the BBC, so you should also expect it from Netflix.

The go down , Hemlock Grove , and Richie Rich It came and went, and very few people cared. While The go down was acclaimed, it failed to justify its reported budget of $120 million.

Netflix Now Has 100 Million Subscribers Netflix Now Has Over 100 Million Subscribers Netflix Now Has Over 100 Million Subscribers Netflix Has Announced Its Latest Financials But Before You Click For Fear Of Boring There Is Some Some Interesting Information In The Q2 of 2017 earnings. Read More In general, it has to work with the narratives that prove to be the most popular and, by extension, the most financially sound. It's survival of the fittest.

Of course, you may have joined a particular show, but at least be thankful Netflix did it in the first place. You can rewatch existing episodes over and over again. Meanwhile, the streaming service is trying to find another narrative that works for a larger portion of its audience, including you.

Don't be sad about what has gone and gone:look to the future with optimism..

Netflix Values ​​Quality Over Quantity

All that said, for every unpopular show, there's a cancellation that hits hard.

Sense8 It is a perfect example of this. As much as you care about a series, we have to admit that they all have a short shelf life. The constraints of the format make exhaustion inevitable.

Yes, even the ever-changing Doctor Who . Its format and adaptability have kept it popular since 1963, but it had to survive a 16-year hiatus. As society moves, it must also be displayed. The TV industry wasn't particularly welcoming to science fiction in the early 2000s, but by its 2005 revival, audiences were largely receptive to such forms of escapist entertainment again.

Personal exhaustion is a factor as well. A show becomes unrecognizable to you or the producers make a decision that goes against your idealized vision of the show. Narratives have their limitations, and we have to accept that.

Surely it's best to have a show canceled before it becomes something you no longer recognize as the show you fell in love with.

All networks are guilty of dragging a show too long, just to make a profit. Take as an example, The Simpsons , that I love. But compare “Lisa the Vegetarian” to “Lisa Goes Gaga,” and you'll see how the mighty have fallen.

sick of The Simpsons being used as an example of this? Okay, try:Dexterous , Lost , The Office (US) , Nip / Tuck , Heroes , Family man , or CSI and its 300 spin-offs (rough estimate). They all gradually got worse as time went on.

I'd rather see a show end fairly than have it tainted by quality issues.

Interestingly, Netflix responded to fan outrage over Sense8 the ending by ordering a two-hour finale Netflix brings Sense8 back for one final episode Netflix brings Sense8 back for one final episode Netflix is ​​bringing back Sense8 for a two-hour special designed to wrap up all the loose ends. Sadly, that will be the end of Sense8 forever. Probably. Read more . And despite being the most expensive drama on the service, Netflix intends to continue The Crown Until it comes to a natural conclusion..

These will show that the company respects the importance of narrative closure..

Social networks hold the key

Any publicity is good publicity. It has to be argued that Netflix values ​​people talking about its shows more than actual viewing figures, even though the former informs the latter. Sounds crazy right??

Netflix's intention has always been to have a cultural impact:the more it is seen as one of the providers of entertainment Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon Prime:which one should you choose? Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon Prime:Which one should you choose? It's been years since we've compared the big-hit streaming services Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. And with changes in pricing, content, quality, and interface, we thought it was time to take a fresh look. Read More Not only does he enjoy being the best streaming service, but he also likes to be seen as the best.

This accounts for Iron Fist - not critically acclaimed, but much better than many naysayers would have you believe. Sin embargo, hubo muchas personas que hablaron, tanto positiva como negativamente, y eso resultó en ser el espectáculo más popular de Netflix de sus ofertas de Marvel hasta el momento en 2017 15 nuevos originales de Netflix que verás en 2017 15 nuevos originales de Netflix Estarás viendo en 2017 Netflix ahora está produciendo su propio contenido original. And some of the new Netflix originals coming in 2017 definitely look like they'll be worth a watch. Read more.

Y debido a esto, Puño de hierro ha sido renovado para una segunda temporada.

Claro, algunos de los espectadores habrán visto sobre la base de “es tan malo es bueno.” Pero igualmente, el número de expresiones de medios sociales a su nombre hace que sea muy poco probable que esos espectadores sean su audiencia principal..

Why is Netflix right to cancel shows that no one is watching?

Del mismo modo, el interés generado en Temerario La temporada 2 ha llevado a la comisión de un Castigador espectáculo.

Pero si el impacto social se mantiene en alta estima, de hecho, lo suficiente como para salvar un programa que ha sido criticado de otra manera, la falta de interés de una red en una serie es una sentencia definitiva. Si vives por la espada, mueres por la espada, y las redes sociales tienen una hoja considerable para manejar.

Sin un seguimiento vocal, Netflix tiene que impulsar la publicidad. Por supuesto, todas las marcas deben hacer eso, pero los consumidores son más escépticos de esto que de los espectadores entusiastas. Cuando Netflix es la única fuente de ruido, el programa no ha generado ningún interés adicional en el servicio en general. Eso es peor que la prensa negativa..

Netflix es ahora más como una red de televisión

Parte del problema aquí es un cambio en la agenda principal de Netflix. Esto es mejor resumido por el Director de Contenido, Ted Sarandos, quien dijo:

Esto significa que Netflix no quiere ser visto únicamente como un lugar para ver contenido producido por otras compañías para otras redes. Quiere ser un contendiente serio en la creación de programas de televisión y películas originales, a menudo a expensas de tener un extenso catálogo. Netflix elimina el 50% de su catálogo para financiar el contenido original. ¿El catálogo de Netflix se está reduciendo en los últimos años? Ahora sabemos que la cantidad de títulos disponibles en Netflix se ha reducido a la mitad desde 2012 para financiar el contenido original. Read more . Ese ha sido el plan durante mucho tiempo, pero las percepciones de Netflix se han mantenido prácticamente igual..

Netflix tiene todo el derecho de cancelar los programas que quiera. Netflix mantiene cancelando sus mejores programas originales. Netflix mantiene cancelando sus mejores programas originales. Netflix canceló Girlboss después de solo una temporada; Así que parece que Netflix está enviando implacablemente cualquier programa que no encuentra una audiencia. Read more . Y hacerlo realmente solo se solidifica como una red de televisión y no solo un servicio donde los viejos programas mueren..

¿Te molesta que Netflix cancele sus programas originales? ¿Preferiría que Netflix vuelva a centrarse en el contenido reciclado? ¿O debería Netflix hacer girar el hacha en más programas a medida que se propone atender a más espectadores con gustos más diversos? Los comentarios están abiertos a continuación..