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How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

Streaming services, for example, are offered on a subscription basis and sometimes it is necessary to cancel them. Therefore, we assume that you would need to cancel Netflix subscription at some point, so we have brought you this

Services that require a subscription always have a time limit given to each of the subscriptions. Meanwhile, users are still allowed to cancel a subscription at any time.

It is important to note that subscription fees are billed directly through iTunes or a third-party platform like smart TV services. Therefore, deleting your Netflix account does not prevent you from being charged.

Most Netflix subscriptions can be canceled through the Netflix webpage, but performing the process through iTunes on your iPhone or iPad is an alternative.

Canceling Netflix subscription is quite simple to do, meanwhile, the way to cancel only depends on how you set up the service in the first place. If you subscribe to Netflix services directly, it is basically possible to cancel through the Netflix webpage through a web browser. If, on the other hand, you subscribed through iTunes, you will need to unsubscribe from the service using an iPad or iPhone.

As we established earlier, do not delete your Netflix account, thinking it will automatically cancel your subscription and stop deducting charges. Deleting your account has nothing to do with your subscription or payment.

Cancel Netflix subscription using a web browser

We have previously noted that you can cancel Netflix subscription from its webpage using your browser. To do this;

  • Launch a browser and type in the URL box
  • Click the down-pointing arrow in the upper right corner of the web page
  • Then click on Account
  • Click Cancel under Membership &Billing
  • Then confirm your decision to cancel

You may still have a DVD plan, you can also cancel it by clicking "Cancel DVD Plan", then confirm when prompted.

You may not see the option to cancel your subscription on the webpage. This means that you are setting up your account through a third party. There is information on the page regarding who charges you for Netflix services. Third parties like smart TV services may appear on the list of those who charge you, if you see one, contact them directly, informing them that you wish to cancel your subscription.

Cancel via iTunes

Your Netflix account may be charged through iTunes if you have authorized it. In this case, the cancellation can be done via iPhone or iPad. Follow our guide to do this;

  • Access the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone
  • Click on iTunes and App Store
  • At the top of the screen, tap your Apple ID
  • Keep clicking View Apple ID
  • Now tap Subscriptions
  • Tap on Netflix when you see it in the list of active subscriptions
  • Now tap Cancel Subscription
  • And finally, confirm

Here is. Your subscription is cancelled. Note, however, that this method only works on iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, mistakes can be frustrating. If in case you need to restore this service and subscribe to Netflix again, we recommend our guide on how to fix Netflix NSES 404.

We believe this helped you cancel your Netflix subscription. Has this always been a problem for you? We would like to know your opinion on this. For more guides on how to fix Netflix and other tech issues, check them out here.