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If YouTube sucks, why is everyone still using it?

It's only natural to compare YouTube to other video sites 10 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube 10 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube Here are some great alternatives to YouTube, although "better than" is obviously up for debate... Read More , but YouTube is dominant right now. And despite its recent troubles, there are plenty of reasons why YouTube is going to continue to dominate the world of online video.

In addition to its main role as a free video platform, YouTube has many features and spin-offs, putting it in direct competition with almost every major online company:

  • YouTube Stories (formerly Reels) is moving into Snapchat and Instagram territory.
  • YouTube Red is YouTube's slow march to becoming more like Netflix.
  • YouTube TV competes with Hulu with its live TV action.
  • YouTube Kids is an important product for an even more important demographic..
  • YouTube Music is targeting Spotify and Apple Music.
  • And with its community features, which allow creators to post text and photo updates, YouTube is reinforcing its status as a social network.

Some may argue that YouTube is trying to do too much, but the numbers don't lie.

YouTube's massive and engaged audience

YouTube boasts over 50 million channels at the time of writing, with users uploading 300 hours of video per minute. But just as important as the sheer volume of content uploaded to the site are the people who watch, comment, and stay engaged.

The average viewing session on YouTube is 40 minutes, with a whopping 5 billion videos viewed per day.

If YouTube sucks, why is everyone still using it?

But how does YouTube compare to its main competitors? Its main competitor, Facebook, has roughly twice as many users as YouTube, but YouTube actually has more active users:1.57 billion compared to Facebook's 1.4 billion. When it comes to hours of video watched, YouTubers are watching a staggering 1 billion hours of video per day, far more than Facebook and Netflix combined.

Both YouTube and Facebook are investing heavily to ensure influencers and top brands pick up their live offerings, and this is the only place where Facebook can somehow beat YouTube. In 2016, the most popular Facebook Live video garnered more than 160 million views in the space of just a few months.

But even in that space, YouTube remains the home of major live gaming events.

The YouTube creator community

YouTube is home to a vibrant community of creators, which is certainly no stranger to controversy. The last year has probably been one of YouTube's most challenging, but if anything, it's proven that it's going to take much longer to take down this behemoth.

As Logan Paul repeatedly and dramatically put his foot down, YouTube brought down the hammer with the introduction of new rules for content creators. YouTube introduces new rules for content creators. YouTube introduces new rules for content creators. YouTube introduces new rules for content creators. This might help make YouTube a better platform, but it will also make it harder for anyone to make money. Read more.

These new regulations (which tend to affect the smaller content creator rather than the most popular YouTube channels Top 10 YouTube Channels:Should You Subscribe? Top 10 YouTube Channels:Should You Subscribe? Any Have you ever wondered who has the most subscribers on YouTube? In this article we looked at the most popular YouTube channels and helped you decide if you want to subscribe Read More) were followed by a series of justifiably critical videos from big creators and small, along with some looking for alternative platforms.

This practice of making changes to YouTube and pissing off creators seems to have become an annual tradition.

It's incredibly important that heavy hitters like Philip DeFranco and Casey Neistat continue to speak up for YouTube creators in these situations, but once the dust settles, everyone's back on their YouTube groove.

It may well be because when it comes to YouTube, there doesn't seem to be anyone with the ability to approach the YouTube creator community. Vimeo, the only viable alternative, offers users with free accounts only 500 MB of uploads per week, for a total of 5 GB. If you want more, you have to pay from $7 a month to $75 a month.

If you're trying to make a living from your video content, it makes more sense to choose the free and unlimited option offered by YouTube.

YouTube monetization program

There is no other social media platform that allows you to monetize your content in the same way that YouTube does. Even with the recent changes in YouTube monetization rules How to deal with YouTube monetization changes How to deal with YouTube monetization changes YouTube's new monetization rules have affected content creators. Here's what to do if you're no longer making the money you want from YouTube. Read More

However, the changes mean that much more work will be needed to reach and maintain the new threshold for becoming a paid contributor.

Google AdSense provides bloggers and websites with a means to generate income, while Patreon has taken a slightly different approach allowing you to essentially fund a monthly stipend. Patreon is a new initiative from musician and video creator Jack Conte, trying to solve the age-old problem both artist and fans face every day. For artists, it's the need to stay afloat while still... Read More Any content you share on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network can serve as a promotion for services that can generate money, but you do not receive a check directly from any of them. Except YouTube.

Gen Z, YouTube Kids, and early adoption

Of the many benefits derived from YouTube, YouTube Kids is probably one of the most important when it comes to future growth.

While YouTube Kids has been well deserved for offering videos that are inappropriate for children, YouTube focuses on videos that are inappropriate for children, YouTube focuses on videos that are inappropriate for children, YouTube is taking steps to address the problem of inappropriate or exploitative videos directed at children. But it is a big problem that will not be solved overnight. Read More Read More

And if you have small children in your household, you'll be well aware of how they can navigate YouTube Kids, or even YouTube, like a boss. Call me cynical, but YouTube has an entire generation of Internet-savvy kids at its disposal. And one of his first introductions to that internet was through YouTube. If that's not an early adopter, I don't know what is.

And looking at Gen Z, possibly the first generation to grow up on a constant internet diet, the results are in.

According to Tubefilter, a survey found that 95 percent of Gen Z-ers said they use YouTube and half of them say they can't live without it. Instagram came in second place, with just 69 percent saying they use it. The survey also found that, among this group, YouTube leads as a source of news, laughter, shopping recommendations, and practical advice.

YouTube is the new MTV

When a major music artist releases a new music video, they release it on YouTube. With MTV no longer what music used to be, artists know where to go for those eyeballs, and it's invariably YouTube. And the importance of music for YouTube is obvious..

Eighteen of the top 20 most viewed videos on YouTube are music videos, and most of the top 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube are those owned by top-selling artists.

The most viewed video, Despacito by Luis Fonsi, has more than 5 billion views.

All of this has helped YouTube become the number one music streaming service in the world. The fact that ad-supported music is freely available without the need for a paid subscription makes it an easy option for many. In fact, you don't even need a YouTube account to listen to music on the video platform.

Search is king, and YouTube reigns

OK, so we know that content is king, and one thing that YouTube has going for it. But the search is just as important. After all, the good thing is to generate a ton of content if people can't find it. And honestly, if a business is better positioned for the search to resolve, it's owned by Google.

Looking for something on Google? YouTube results are in the center and on the video tab. Even if you're not using Google's own search engine, competitors like Bing and DuckDuckGo still deliver video search results directly from YouTube, in some cases right at the top of the page.

If YouTube sucks, why is everyone still using it?

So you don't even have to visit the YouTube page or Google search engine to get the results of the video platform.

When it comes to finding content on the YouTube platform itself, compared to other social video networks, YouTube is far superior. Have you ever tried to search for a Facebook video that you know exists and can't seem to find it again? Yes we know. And don't even try to search for Instagram on video. Surprisingly, there is no native way to filter search results to just videos.

The rabbit hole of YouTube

Google (which obviously owns YouTube) knows what you like, and it's in the company's best interest to keep you on the video platform as long as possible. While there are some tools to help you watch YouTube without any distraction 6 Ways to Watch YouTube Without Any Distraction 6 Ways to Watch YouTube without any Distraction If you get easily distracted when watching YouTube, this article is for you. The list below will save you from wasting several hours of your life watching time wasting videos. Lea más, el sitio en sí está diseñado para mantenerlo en el lugar el mayor tiempo posible..

Desde videos relacionados en la barra lateral, videos relacionados al final de cada video, videos de reproducción automática y un algoritmo que es realmente bueno para ofrecer más del mismo contenido que es probable que veas, YouTube sabe cómo conectarte..

YouTube está ganando, y seguirá ganando

No hay ninguna duda en la mente de nadie de que YouTube está aquí para quedarse. El gigante de los videos tiene el mercado acorralado, y tal vez sea solo una forma más de ceder ante Google. Si bien hay mucha competencia para YouTube, con Facebook le da a Google una oportunidad por su dinero cuando se trata de videos en vivo, es difícil imaginar que alguien tenga éxito en sacar a YouTube de su alto pedestal.

En todo caso, la persistente popularidad de YouTube en dramas repetidos, de los cuales seguramente habrá más por venir, es solo una forma más en la que nosotros, como ciudadanos de Internet, hemos dado a entender que las compañías en línea nos tienen en sus garras En la privacidad? ¿Por qué los estadounidenses han renunciado a la privacidad? Un estudio reciente realizado por la Escuela de Comunicación Annenberg de la Universidad de Pensilvania concluyó que los estadounidenses están resignados a entregar datos. ¿Por qué es esto, y afecta más que a los estadounidenses? Read more.