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KFC:5 things to know about the fast food specialist in chicken

Did you know that KFC did not have the same name all over the world? Do you know that eating KFC is a tradition at Christmas in a certain country? Here are 5 things to know about KFC.

1. KFC is not called KFC everywhere in the world

In Canada, finally in Quebec more precisely, KFC becomes KFC. Thus Kentucky Fried Chicken becomes Kentucky Fried Chicken. That's it, now you're going to bug it until the end of the article.

2. KFC has a very secret recipe with a magic ingredient

As with Coke, KFC has been keeping its recipe warm and safe from prying eyes since 1939. The recipe is said to have been written on a small piece of paper by Colonel Sanders and is kept in a safe at the company's headquarters. Even the current CEO would not know its composition. The only clues given on the official website:“11 aromatic herbs and spices (and lots of love)” . Great, but you tell me where to buy love, I'm interested.

3. KFC was really created by Colonel Sanders

Yes, the little guy with white hair and a goatee really existed, he was really a soldier… except that he was never really a colonel. He opens a restaurant in the 30s and begins to serve truck drivers. Then in 1952, KFC opened its first franchise. Today there are 22,000 KFCs in the world.

4. Eating KFC at Christmas has become a tradition in Japan

There, at Christmas, we eat buckets, that's how it is. And it's so popular, you even have to order ahead, and the lines on Christmas Day are huge. And why ? In 1974, KFC made a big advertising campaign in Japan "Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii", it means "Christmas in Kentucky" and since then it's been madness.

5. There is a pair of Crocs KFC

Better, there are even 2. A “classic” version with pieces of fried chicken on it. And another version… with 12 cm platform soles. A pair that Kim Kardashian owns in particular. Well, I'll leave it to you. We won't do better I think.