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YouTube:5 things to know about the most famous video site in the world

The number of hours needed to watch the new content posted each day, the very first video posted, or the clip that has amassed the most views:here are some facts that you probably did not know about one of the most visited sites to the world, YouTube.

You go there almost daily, even several times a day, to listen to your current music or watch the videos of your favorite influencers. But do you really know YouTube? For example, do you know which clip has amassed the most views since the video platform was created in 2005? Or what is the account that has pocketed the most money thanks to its videos over a year? The answer with its five amazing facts that you probably didn't know about the famous site with 2 billion monthly users.

Youtube boss is... 10 years old

It may come as a surprise, but Youtube is above all the hunting ground of the youngest. And the most striking example is probably this:the biggest YouTube channel, called Ryan's World, is owned by a 10-year-old kid . The channel, which features little Ryan Kaji but also his mother, father and twin sisters, raised approximately $22 million in 2018 . At the rate of one new video per day, on average.

And if the talent obviously does not wait for the number of years, watching all the new content posted on Youtube can conversely make you lose a few decades. Even a lifetime, since according to the latest calculations, it would take approximately 82 years to watch all the videos posted on the site... in the space of an hour . This is the equivalent of 720,000 hours per day, 30,000 hours per hour, or 500 hours per minute. Your choice.

Gangnam Style views award

As for the most viewed video in history on YouTube, it is the clip of the famous Gangnam Style , by Korean artist Psy. Released in 2012, the particularly heady track quickly peaked at 2 billion views on the platform, going so far as to break its counter when the latter posted 2,147,483,647 views. The error has since been fixed, and YouTube videos can now reach 9 billion… billion views.

The first video posted in 2005

Many years ago, Youtube creator Jawed Karim posted the first video on its platform April 23, 2005 . It is, as you can see below, a short sequence showing him at the zoo, in front of the enclosure of the elephants to which the young man then seemed to have great admiration. 109 million views, all the same.

How much time do we spend there?

Finally, be aware that the average French Internet user between the ages of 18 and 34 spends 46 minutes a day on Youtube. And in total, every month 2 billion users flock to the site, i.e. one in three human beings.

Bonus fact:full movies are there

Who says Internet, says piracy:many films and series are broadcast there in full. It is always complicated to find them since Youtube obviously punishes the accounts behind them, but it is not uncommon to come across a Direct of a complete broadcast of a series episode! Movies are also added there, just search for "xxxxx full movie " to see what's available!

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