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How big is Valorant after the Episode 4 Act 1 update?

Riot Games' own shooter, Valorant, has been a huge hit since its release in June 2020, averaging over 13 million players each month. Over time, this number also increases as new players learn more about the game and how it provides unique content with each update.

Like all other competitive shooter franchises, Riot's shooter also takes a bit of space and has grown as new aspects arrive with each update.

Size taken over by Valorant after episode 4 act 1

As with the last update, the game took up around 20.3 GB at the end of episode 3 act 3 and saw some changes with the new one. Currently, the entire title weighs in at around 21GB and has seen an increase of around 700MB since its last update.

The latest patch saw the addition of a new Agent, Neon, who will join the other Agents. Not only that, but the game also made some changes to its pre-existing maps, especially with Icebox, as well as adding new skins which also took up some storage.

With each update, the title also seems to see an increase of approximately one gigabyte. So, if a new agent or card comes along with the next act, it's possible that the game size will increase significantly.

How big is Valorant after the Episode 4 Act 1 update?

However, this story comes later as there is no news on Riot's next move. Either way, Valorant will naturally grow in size as games always require extra space every time there's a new patch, which is mandatory to keep everything running.

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