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COD Mobile Season 3 Legendary Mace in the draw?

COD Mobile never ceases to impress fans with its updates. Activison has made sure that the new update, Season 3:Tokyo Escape, lives up to its hype. From new maps to weapons, players have plenty to explore in the new season.

With the new season come new in-game rewards, and with new rewards come new sweepstakes. COD Mobile season 3 Leaks &News has revealed some of the draw elements of the game.

COD Mobile Season 3:When is the Legendary Mace coming to the draw?

COD Mobile Season 3 Legendary Mace in the draw?

COD gamers tend to eagerly await new content and legendary skins. Only one legendary character skin is coming with this update, and that is the Mace Final Guard.

Players are very excited about the soldier outfit, which will be available to players shortly. The fourth raffle will bring the Mace Final Guard skin as well as shiny red Metallurgy skins.

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The following list, according to COD Mobile Leaks &News, will give players a better idea of ​​other upcoming sweepstakes and items that are on the horizon in DCO Mobile Season 3:

  • Arctic.50 Legendary Sweepstakes – The first-ever Arctic .50 Legendary skin will be available to players.
  • Legendary Renetti + Legendary Mace Lucky Draw – The most anticipated lucky draw, where players can get their hands on the Mace Final Guard skin.
  • PP19 Bizon Legendary Draw – PP19 Bizon has made his debut in COD Mobile, and in this draw, players will be offered his Summon skin in this draw.
  • ICR1 Legendary Draw – The Legendary ICR1 Assault Rifle blueprint will be featured in this draw.

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