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COD Mobile Season 3:New Maps, Credit Store Update &More

In the latest Call of Duty:Mobile – April 16 Community Update , many new features are coming into the game. In the COD Mobile Season 3 , the developers have added an update with new Oasis and Coastal maps along with other major features such as Boss Avatar, Boss Avatar, and Way of the Sword Emote in the Premium Pass. In this article, we would take a closer look at some new cards as well as a Credit Store update which is getting more noise these days.

COD Mobile Season 3:Oasis Map, Coastal Map, and Credit Store

COD Mobile Season 3:New Maps, Credit Store Update &More

Two maps are coming to COD Mobile Season 3, Oasis and Coastline . One of the two will be released this time while the second should be online in April . The more detailed elaboration of maps is discussed in the next two paragraphs.

The first Oasis cards is a desert refuge filled with narrow corridors, temple entrances, outdoor fountains, and general spaces ideal for close- to medium-range combat. Be sure to collect the rewards from the Desert Sanctuary event on the map. Oasis is a retro spin on Modern Warfare 2 map.

Coastal is another map coming in Season 3 of DCO Mobile. You can escape the massive cityscapes of Season 2 to this quiet idyllic village by the ocean. The area is filled with shopping places, wine bars, and panoramic sea view . The map is comparatively larger than the Oasis and offers greater opportunities.

COD Mobile Season 3:New Maps, Credit Store Update &More

Along with all these new cards comes a Credit store update also coming out this season. In case you missed the Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun , now you can hook it to some credits and send your enemies into the void. The list of items released in the first Credit Store update of Season 3 is:

  • Special Ops 5 – Liquid Mercury (6K Credits)
  • Business Card – Enemy Spotted (10k credits)
  • Moto – Liquid Mercury (2.4K credits)
  • SMRS – Liquid Mercury (3k credits)
  • Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun (2k credits)

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