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What to watch on Amazon Prime Video in September 2018

Every month, Amazon makes a ton of new TV shows and movies available on its Prime Video subscription streaming service. Join us for some of the best new videos we'll see in September 2018.

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1. Ghostbusters I and II

It may be a little early for Halloween, but it's never a bad time to reminisce about 1980s movies Remembering the 1980s:Wait, Was It Really Like That? Remembering the 1980s:wait, was that really the case? Ah, the 1980s. If you were born in the 80s, grew up in the 80s, or never stepped foot in that infamous decade, hearing the term “1980s” probably makes you think of something Is it… Read More .

The 1984 original won more plaudits than the 1989 sequel, but the two Ghostbusters movies are staple views for any moviegoer.

2. Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire manages to please sports fans and rom-com lovers alike with the story of an NFL agent who has a revelation about his journey in his life.

Tom Cruise plays the main role.

3. King Lear

King Lear is a 2018 co-production between Amazon and the BBC The 7 Best BBC Documentaries You Should Watch on Netflix The 7 Best BBC Documentaries You Should Watch on Netflix There's more to Netflix than movies, TV series and original shows of the company. . Here are the most fascinating BBC documentaries available to watch. Read more . It is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's famous play..

The story takes place in 21st century London and tells the story of the king's descent into madness.

4. Insomnia in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle, a romantic comedy that was released in 1993, sees Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the lead roles.

The film was nominated for two Oscars and two BAFTAs..

5. forever

The latest Amazon Original series is Forever. It joins a long list of highly viewable Amazon Original content. 15 of the best Amazon Originals. He has never listened. 15 of the best Amazon Originals you've never heard. Amazon Prime Video has a lot of original content, but some of the shows don't. Don't get the accolades and publicity they deserve. Here are some great Amazon Originals you've probably never heard of. Read more.

The series follows the lives of Oscar and June. They lead a typical married life until an innocent ski trip turns into an unexpected situation.

Forever launches on September 14.

6. there will be blood

The 2007 drama film There Will Be Blood won two Oscars, Best Actor and Best Picture, and was nominated for six more.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays the role of Daniel Plainview, an oilman ruthlessly trying to exploit California's oil boom at the turn of the last century.

7. wishenpoof season 2

Wishenpoof is an Amazon Original children's show about Bianca, a young woman who can make wishes come true.

The first season was a critical success; The long-awaited second season kicks off on September 7.

More movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

These seven new shows and movies are the ones that caught our attention, but there are more than 50 new releases scheduled to be available. Highlights include The Usual Suspects, Darkest Hour, and Watchmen.

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