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There is a better way to view Kindle notes and highlights

Remember when we used to underline our favorite passages in books? Kindle humanized the e-reader by giving us the ability to highlight memorable sentences with the swipe of a finger.

These annotations, highlights, and notes can be found on your Amazon Kindle account page. You can always log in and view your saved summaries organized under the titles they are from. You can also choose to make them public.

Highlights help you review and remember the most significant ideas from books. And now, Amazon has made them better, or should I say, neater.

New and Improved Kindle Notes and Highlights

The new home page for all Kindle notes and highlights is at This is what it looks like as soon as you log in.

There is a better way to view Kindle notes and highlights

The most recently updated books occupy a column on the left, and highlights are neatly arranged on the right. There is a generous use of white space that allows for comfortable reading through plenty of highlights.

The biggest benefit of this new design is that you can now read all your highlights from a mobile screen as well. The previous page was only for the desktop. All other features are intact. You can click on the highlight and open it at the exact spot in your Kindle book on your PC or mobile device. But not the Kindle Cloud Reader, which is a bit strange when you think of out-of-the-box accessibility.

Click the little arrow next to the highlights and jot them down with additional notes. Or go for a spring cleaning spree and remove the highlights you don't need.

While you're signed in to your Kindle account, revisit the Daily Review section. The flash card-based tool can help you review and remember all the ideas you've captured from the books on your Kindle.

There is a better way to view Kindle notes and highlights

Flip through them while displaying cards with your highlights and notes or popular highlights from one of your books. You can review any book on your Kindle this way.

Amazon says:

Today, reading is not a problem. Remembering everything you read is. You can blame our attention deficit times. So turn to technology and use this simple device from Amazon to read and remember everything you read How to remember what you read with simple tools How to remember what you read with simple tools Read More won't do you any good if you can Keep nothing from what you read. Use these tips when it's hard to remember what you've read. Read more.

What do you do with the highlights of your Kindle? Do you have a review and remind habit in place?