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Make the best choices and watch the movies you love with Movli

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The perfect movie-watching experience starts with a big tub of popcorn and the right movie and the right kind of company on the couch is the bonus. While Movli can't microwave popcorn, or get you a date yet, he can do something about the choice of movies you watch. Movli is a three-part deal:it's a personal manager of the movies you like, a movie recommendation service, and a social network.

These are undoubtedly essential necessities for any movie lover looking for the Gods of Cinema to light their way to flawless entertainment. Can Movli claim that halo? We take the portal for a spin to find out for ourselves.

The visual healing of the film Glut

You can log in to Movli with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. You can also choose not to use the site and use it fine, but Movli will not be able to create a personal movie library or recommend the best movies to watch based on your tastes.

If someone were to squeeze me to just two movie sites, I'd search for IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. They're great encyclopedic resources for hobbyists, but like any other mine of information, the overload hits you and doesn't feel like your "personal movie library" in the clouds.

Movli is intuitively organized and uses a wall of movie covers that draws you in. Of course, there are more.

All movie tastes are not created equal

To be a good recommendation engine, Movli needs to gather some intelligence. He feeds his brain by mousing over the movie covers, then sorts and ranks the movies. Basically, you tell Movli the movies you've already seen and what you think about them (rating them on a scale of 10).

Apologies. I gave Twilight a rating of 1.

If you're a fan like me, you'll have a hard time finding movies you haven't seen. If you find some diamonds in the rough (or even rocks), tell Movli about it and use the color bar to move the movie to a personal watchlist and prioritize with color. Yellow and orange for less priority and green for more. Move the bar to the far left and it turns red. That's the blacklist for movies you don't want to touch.

Shaun of the dead went there.

In molecular biology, "genome" is the basic unit of all living organisms. It is unique and identifiable. Movli borrows the term for the custom movie genome You help it create by rating and removing the movies you like or hate.

The use of the color bar speeds up the classification and the classification step appreciably - and you only need to hit 25 movies to give Movli an idea of ​​the kind of movies you like (or hate) and the ones you want to watch. Stay tuned as you continue to use the site and the number of personal recommendations will continue to grow.

It's the movies! Using Movli as A “Search Engine”

You can use the old search box to browse Movli, or use two other ways to select movies.

Search with movies or follow the stars

Movli gives you the option to search for movies or movie stars at the top of the screen. After all, you may love Scarlett Johansson but hate sitting at Match Point. If that's possible!

The vast amount of movies are organized with four tabs:All, New, Discover., and More . The last one gives you some other display options:Next friends and Free pages.

The names are self explanatory. Try the Free tab to see a list of movies that can be streamed instantly (on YouTube) and legally. I usually park in the Discover tab to watch the movies that Movli recommends based on my personal genome. You are sure to find good movies that deserve a spot on your watch list. Click on any title and this is the information you can see to make your final choice:

I'm a big fan of movie soundtracks and movie locations. Track Your Favorite Movie And Movie Locations With The Help Of These 6 Sites Track Your Favorite Movie And Movie Locations With The Help Of These 6 Sites My face is that look of disbelief as we take in the panorama of the world around us. Who wouldn't love scenes shot in the south of France... Read More Most of the time you can also play trailers and soundtracks from then on thanks to YouTube. Not all soundtracks are available due to licensing restrictions. Keep an eye on Similar Movies to broaden your field of vision:suggestions are sourced from Freebase, not IMDb.

Filter through your favorites

Cut through the haystack to find what you want to see. You have various filters to play with and don't forget to focus the view further with the options in the top header. Here is a screenshot showing all the options:

This is possibly the best and fastest way to match your tastes and mood with the nightly entertainment. Miss the 70's? Try the Decades or Years filter. Want to see the best of independent movies? Click on Sundance under Awards.

Movli mentions an Explicit slider that presumably allows filtering of family-safe content 8 Great Movie Review Sites For Parents With Kids In Mind 8 Great Movie Review Sites For Parents With Kids In Mind Fancy an afternoon of family movie watching ? Let's explore some of the best kids movie review sites so you can choose the best site for your family's needs. Read More That could be a very welcome feature. the Language The filter is again useful if you are multilingual or just want to use movies as an excuse to increase your foreign language skills.

Your personal movie library

Movli gives you the tools for a more organized movie viewing experience. The Watched, Watch List , and Blacklist The pages are the personal records. The Watch List is what you should plow.

Do you want to go for the likes? The Affinity the bar tells you how much the movie matches your genome (your tastes) and how much you might enjoy it.

If you're planning to go spying, sort the watch list with one click and cross them off as you go through them on cloudy-eyed days. I like to keep the page in List View instead of Gallery View because the plot tells me in a second if I should watch it now or later.

The social side

Movli is social because she can add friends which provides another layer to discover new movies to watch. I haven't been able to really test the feature, but the Friends The tab shows the highest rated movies your friends have seen. You can also check ratings and recommendations within your circle.

It's also a quick way to find movies that you and your friends can watch together. You can share your Movli profile and watchlists with a custom URL. Of course, there are privacy features in place if you prefer not.

The end credits

The attempt made by this new company from Tel Aviv in a crowded sector is solvent. There are already many movie sites Top 10 Websites To Find The New Movie Releases This Week Top 10 Websites To Find The New Movie Releases This Week Read More it has its heart and its characteristics in the right place. The site has a very intuitive design – following movies can be a very messy experience, but Movli keeps it to the point.

Movli is ideal for:

  • Discover movies visually with full bleed covers..
  • Choosing the movies you've seen, want to see or don't want is fast.
  • Fill in your personal genome and get recommendations within minutes of signing up.
  • Follow your favorite stars and be notified of their upcoming releases.
  • Additional touches like choosing movies according to runtime length is nice.

Let's hope Movli keeps going. The lack of a mobile app option is stunning, so it could be the next step for the ultimate couch experience. I'd love to see the TV shows that get into the mix because they're just a stream away. Ultimately, the strength of this portal is also decided by the number of movies it manages to catalog. With a greater number of people, we have the opportunity to discover hidden gems that we have not yet seen.

Wish lists can be long - Movli looks and feels good about keeping things tidy. Let us know if Movli just makes you want to grab that tub of popcorn and the perfect movie to watch this Saturday.