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Quiz:Do movie villains have any secrets for you? Here are 15 dreaded questions

To make a great film, you need a good script, very good resources, but also an excellent villain. Test your culture on the greatest figures of evil in cinema.

What's a great saga, a good thriller, an excellent detective film without a charismatic villain? Some of the biggest villains have taken over the big screen, obliterating the heroes. From Chest of drawers to Darth Vader passing by John Doe... Show us that you are perfectly on point when it comes to the villains in the cinema!

These unforgettable villains

They terrified us, surprised us or made us think. Movie villains shouldn't give us any admiration, and yet the way they were played sometimes still resonates in the minds of millions of fans. If the Joker from the movie Batman - The Dark Knight is still, to date, the best incarnation of the main enemy of the Bat, it is thanks to the remarkable performance of Heath Ledger, who tragically died shortly after the filming of the film ended. His gestures, his laughter, his ways of speaking. Everything instantly became cult.

But we also expect the villain to make us scared and that, Jack Nicholson understood very well in his mythical The Shining . We could also quote Kevin Spacey in Seven , which remains the actor's most successful performance to date.

    A special movie villain quiz!

    Then there are the villains who weren't destined to be the main star of their work. When George Lucas brings to the screen the black, costumed and rigid double meter that is Darth Vader in his Star Wars saga, he has no idea what was to come next. The director never suspected for a moment that the "I am your father" would go on to become the most well-known quote in movie history and that its main villain, the Emperor, would soon be forgotten for the dark cape. A good villain is an antagonist we loved to hate.

    Try to answer these 15 questions about the greatest villains of the seventh art!