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Here are the best electric scooters for riding freely

For economic, ecological reasons or just to save time, more and more of you are turning to the electric scooter. Saying goodbye to the constraints of public transport to finally move freely is now a reality.

Here are the best electric scooters for riding freely

The electric scooter has become essential in the city. Forget the constraints of public transport, the hours lost in traffic jams in the car, or the problems of parking your scooter:this is the solution to make your life easier and, not insignificant bonus, to preserve the environment.

Self-service electric scooters have given ideas to many city dwellers who now want to acquire their own car, with the key to permanent availability, as well as superior performance.

Here is a selection of the best electric scooters depending on your needs.

Freedom is yours!

How much does an electric scooter cost?

Let's start with a little lesson in pragmatism. To think that you can get a viable electric scooter for less than 100 € is an illusion . Once you have passed this stage, you can finally be willing to hear the 3-digit sums that it is necessary to pay to obtain this fashionable car.

For entry level products , count between 250 and 400 € expenses, before switching to a staggered price between 400 to 1000 € for the mid-range. However, you will have to invest an amount exceeding 4 figures to type in the high end .

The battery, the motor and the growing demand for these scooters that can go up to 25 km/h (in theory) are the main factors that justify such a price.

Electric scooter:which is the cheapest model?

Xiaomi is a brand renowned for the perfectionism as well as the care given to these electric scooters.

With this portable invention called Mi Electric Scooter Essential the Chinese electronics company has set the bar very high by offering it at a price of €330 .

Excellent road holding, cruise control, 20 km autonomy, shock absorption, Bluetooth connectivity, Xiaomi has gone all out to seduce you!

Here are the best electric scooters for riding freely

Xiaomi M365 Pro:the star of electric scooters

If consumers snap up this Xiaomi M365 Pro , this is mainly because it will allow you to travel up to 45 km without having to recharge the battery.

Its ease of use, its lightness, its grip, as well as its value for money have been able to convince many individuals, who see in it the perfect tool for getting around without having to suffer the constraints of traffic.

No more traffic jams and long live the walks in the open air.

Here are the best electric scooters for riding freely

Which electric scooter has the most range?

You never go out without your electric scooter?

No doubt, you need a model designed to travel long distances . We advise you to pay particular attention to the battery charging time and the autonomy that the racing car will offer you.

This will avoid the breakdown and save valuable time.

If you plan to cover kilometers every day, think more than ever about your comfort and your safety. The minor inconveniences bearable for a few minutes can quickly become unbearable over time.

The safe bet in the field, it remains the Barooder 3 Pro , which guarantees users to be able to travel up to 70 km before running out of battery.

Here are the best electric scooters for riding freely

Foldable electric scooters:a booming model

Do you plan to combine the electric scooter and public transport or the car for your trips?

Then you need a compact and light model , and therefore necessarily, foldable. You won't just make friends among your bus, train or metro neighbors if you arrive with a scooter that takes the place of three people. As for the weight that you will have to carry at arm's length, let's not talk about it.

It is precisely to solve this problem that foldable electric scooters were invented. Imagine the back pain you'll be able to avoid with these retractable versions , whose transportability, but also practicality have no equal.

What could be better than the incomparable lightness of the Megawheels E-scooter , which weighs only 8.5 kg, in addition to giving you a range of up to 12 km.

Arevolutionary electric scooter which will prove its usefulness during your journeys to school, work or in the metro, while taking up very little space in your home.

Here are the best electric scooters for riding freely

All-terrain electric scooters for riding everywhere

Yes, it is strongly recommended to choose your electric scooter according to the nature of your journeys. Especially at the level of the relief !

This will prevent you from breaking down in the middle of a hill. Only one solution to be quiet and not have to finish your journey on foot in case it climbs:choose a powerful engine .

This is the case of the Urbanglide eCross Max presented below, which stands out for its robustness , as well as his temerity once the road rises.

Here are the best electric scooters for riding freely

The electric saddle scooter:absolute comfort

Well, we grant you, have a saddle on his electric scooter is a luxury. But why finally refuse it from the moment when we are able to afford it?

The Kugoo M4 Pro will be able to respond to this rather special request with efficiency, as it also has incredible tyres.

Here are the best electric scooters for riding freely

The electric scooter in a wheelchair? It is possible!

The OMNI start-up offers an electric scooter suitable for people with reduced mobility, thanks to a universal attachment system that links the scooter to 95% of wheelchairs on the market. This inclusive solution offers unprecedented freedom of mobility for nearly 800,000 French people in wheelchairs. Allowing you to travel up to 50km, the latest developments made to this electric scooter:

  • Improves comfort in the back and shoulders;
  • Increase safety with the presence of an additional drum brake and solid tires to prevent punctures;
  • Guarantee reliability with a patented mounting system and in-home installation service by a technician.

Made in France, the electric wheelchair scooter allows people in wheelchairs to experience new sensations and take part in rides with family or friends!

How to maintain your electric scooter?

  • Adjust the brake application correctly;
  • Always put it away i, preferably in a cool, dry place;
  • Wipe the tracks on your machine with a cloth regularly;
  • Check the tire pressure ensuring that they are not under-inflated and above all avoiding a puncture;
  • In case the electric scooter remains inactive for a long time , remember to fully charge the battery;
  • Never use alcohol , or corrosive, flammable and chemical products to clean it;
  • Check occasionally for unusual battery drain;
  • Always use the original charging pad drums;
  • Never allow your battery to be exposed to extreme temperatures (+ 40 C°) or freezing (-20°C).

So, ready to take the plunge?

To save you trouble, we remind you that the electric scooter requires an insurance contract .

On the other hand, be aware that the fast traffic on sidewalks is prohibited and that wearing a helmet is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Finally, take care not to catch anything on your electric scooter, do not accelerate downhill, but above all, never ride in the rain .