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Are you into Friends? Take our quiz

Few series can claim to be as popular as Friends. But do you know all the secrets of this group of friends? Here is a little test that will allow you to gauge your knowledge.

Are you into Friends? Take our quiz

Undisputed queen of sitcoms of her era, Friends remains a cult series , which made us discover a band of characters all more endearing than each other. Needless to say, many more recent series owe him a huge debt (yes, you're the one we're looking at, How I Met Your Mother and How I Met Your Father ). Today, the mere mention of “Friends” evokes in some a feeling of nostalgia mixed with the desire to quote the most memorable phrases from its ten seasons.

"We were on a break!"

Straddling two decades, Friends began its broadcast in 1994 and ended ten years later, in 2004. It's a little hard to believe today, but the actors who make up the band of friends were not yet well known to the big public at the time.

Admittedly, they had made a few appearances right and left, but they were far from having their current notoriety. Who does not know Jennifer Aniston today? It must be said that the series was a phenomenal success. Over the seasons, the actors have become true rockstars , earning a $1 million fee with each shoot. In the same way, the audiences have also exploded:The Last One, the final episode of the series, would have brought together no less than 52 million viewers .

Friends Legacy

Friends left a lasting mark on his time. Jennifer Aniston was so popular that hair salons offered their clients “The Rachel” , a haircut inspired by her fictional character. We do not count the derivative products, the appearances of the actors in advertisements or the multiple parodies to which the series was entitled.

In the same way, the series has radically changed the game of sitcoms, expanding their audience considerably. Many series that have emerged after it have been inspired by it while bringing their own touch .

Are you one of those fans who grew up with Friends? So try to answer our quiz questions!