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This is why Valorant will not have a map selection

Ever since the game was released, Valorant RNG map rotation has been an issue. Despite the fact that there are currently seven maps in the rotation, the game still lacks a map select feature, and now we know why.

Valorant launched with only four slots and no option to choose a map. Players first complained about having to play the same card up to six times in a row. More diversity in the card pool, according to Riot Games, could solve the problem. Many players are still having trouble with the issue, despite the fact that there are now seven maps available.

Despite these player complaints, Senior Competitive Designer EvrMoar explained why Valorant doesn't have a map-choice feature.

Why can't you choose your own cards in Valorant?

According to EvrMoar, the current approach forces players to study all cards rather than choosing the same one or both over and over again, which improves the overall skill level of the game. High-ranking Valorant players earn their badges in the game. current patch, because they are successful in all areas.

According to EvrMoar, a ban choice system will force players to choose a simpler map in order to level up faster. Since the player population will be split between high-level players and those who ranked by spamming the same map, this will impact the ranking experience. Therefore, the current method ensures a more balanced skill set. At least that's what Riot Games claims.

"Players don't spend the time learning a new card they might like!" It sucks not knowing a map, but if the community still avoids it, it can bleed a fun map out of the game. Who knows what the future holds, VALORANTS is young! » said EvrMoar.

Players, on the other hand, are irritated at having to play the same cards over and over again. Although the increased card count means they no longer have to play the same card six times in a row, some players still experience patterns of playing the same card too often. Players want more influence over the cards they play because the card rotation RNG is not flawless.