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Valorant Mobile Clone Hyperfront by NetEase Games

Valorant Mobile Clone Hyperfront:NetEase Games had released a new 5v5 mobile game "Hyper Front" after a mobile version of Valorant had been rumored for some time, and Riot confirmed plans to expand to mobile . The tactical shooter mobile game resembles Riot Games' Valorant in several ways.

The similarities the game shares with Valorant are impressive, even outrageous. The article talks about Valorant Mobile Clone Hyperfront, an obvious copycat of Valorant, a popular 5v5 FPS shooter.

Valorant Mobile Clone Hyperfront by NetEase Games

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Valorant Mobile Clone Hyperfront

NetEase, the huge Chinese internet and video game company, earlier announced its upcoming five-on-five mobile tactical shooter, Project M , now named Hyperfront. The game was heavily influenced by Riot Games' VALORANT. The game bears an uncanny resemblance to Riot's 5v5 tactical shooter and even its first name backs it up.

A game whose name is presumably a nod to Valorant's original Project A designation is a 5v5 tactical shooter with hero abilities. Valorant was named Project A when it debuted in beta. A similar and playable mobile game recently resulted in many controversial comparisons between these two games.

Valorant, a popular FPS game has gained popularity in the gaming community and has taken the PC gaming world by storm in recent days. It is a free first-person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games, has become one of the most popular games. The game has received a lot of positive feedback from the PC gaming community.

Riot Games has been working on a mobile version of this game for quite some time now. There have been many leaks and rumors about the Valorant Mobile release date, but the publishers have yet to confirm it. Meanwhile, to compete with them in the tactical FPS market, NetEase released the game clone before Riot Games in the mobile game industry.

Valorant Mobile Clone Hyperfront by NetEase Games

While the game as a whole is a total Valorant misnomer, from spike planting to a 5v5 tactical shooter with agent abilities, characters, and maps are also spot on. The maps in the game look exactly like Haven in Valorant and Reyna's glow, Kj's ultimate, Sova's drone, Omen's smoke all make them very obvious.

NetEase is a competitor of Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games. From the game's visual style to the UI design, fonts, sounds, and even upbeat futuristic music, everything seems to be clearly designed to emulate Valorant. However, RIOT Games has yet to sue for infringement on this.