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5 tips to control vandalism recoil in Valorant:spray control and more

5 tips to control vandalism recoil in Valorant:Valorant is a tactical shooter with a wide range of firearms, including 4 assault rifles. Among them, Vandal is one of the most used weapons in Valorant. However, Vandal has its pros and cons, including poor recoil. The article details everything about how to control vandal recoil in Valorant, including spray control.

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Tips for controlling vandalism recoil in Valorant

The Vandal is a fully automatic weapon that packs enough bullets into a single magazine to take out the entire enemy team (in theory). It has decent stats compared to others in the Rifle category.

  • Rate of fire:9.75 rounds/s
  • Magazine capacity:25 rounds
  • Wall Penetration:Medium
  • Reload speed:2.5 seconds

The Vandal is one of the most versatile weapons in Valorant and offers a 25-round magazine with a fully automatic fire mode. While on paper the weapon is a must-have, there's a lot to consider if you want to hone your craft and earn those all-important kills. Vandalism is better for long range fights as it can take out enemies in 1 hit even in long range fights.

Players should do the following in Valorant to control vandal recoil in Valorant:

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  • Long range
  • The wall of sound
  • Run and shoot
  • No more tap-fire

Players should know that Vandal is better for defenders as they usually have to hold long angles. One should prefer Vandal in maps like Bind, Breeze, Ascent because they have longer lines of sight. Vandalism is always better than Tap-Tap and knocking enemy heads. Since Vandal has no damage drop, he can kill enemies.

Vandal's damage is fairly consistent and stays the same regardless of distance, i.e. it has no damage drop.

  • Head – 160 damage
  • Body – 40 damage
  • Leg – 34 damage

Vandal's damage stats are not dependent on range. This means that if you hit someone at close range or on the other side of C-Long on Haven, you're going to deal that much damage. From map layouts, to ability usage, to somewhat random weapon recoil.

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