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Fortnite Wrappable Outfits:New Weapon Feature On Season 7 Skins, How To Use Them

Fortnite Wrappable Outfits:"You've put your Wraps on your weapons and motorboats, but now it's time to put them on yourself!" The Show Your Style Set marks the debut of Wrappables. Outfits, Back Blings, and Pickaxes in the set can be changed to display any of your wraps, and you can even mix and match them. Want to equip the Magma Wrap on your Outfit and the Frosty Glow Wrap on your Back Bling? Dark! said EPIC earlier today.

The article talks about Fortnite Wrappable Outfits in Season 7, which are skins that can be wrapped as weapons and how players can use them.

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Fortnite Wraparound Outfits

The new Fortnite update 17.20 will include wrap responsive skins. The sash description reads, "Show off any of your sashes on this outfit!" Choose a color for your hair and clothes to complete your look! Includes Pixellator Wrap! » Some backblings and pickaxes will also be responsive to wraps.

Epic has announced a big new feature for its battle royale game Fortnite :enveloping outfits. With this new style, players can apply their existing and future skins to their outfits the same way they can wrap weapons and vehicles. The new ability also includes support for wrapping pickaxes and back bling.


  • Major Envelope
  • Wrap recognition
  • Wrap the trapper

Epic is introducing new wrap-around outfits to the in-game Item Shop, including plans to add more styles in the future. Players can purchase a wrappable outfit and then restyle it using their existing wraps. Players can obtain the "Show Your Style" set from the in-game item shop as their first outfits with this rack.

Any wrap can be applied to these outfits, according to Epic, which means you can apply different wraps to the outfit, back, and pickaxe for different looks.

The "main color" of the items shown below can also be changed. For outfits, it affects their hair color and certain parts of their clothes. All players who purchase at least one of the wrapper outfits, either now or when in the Item Shop in the future, will also receive the new free Pixellator Wrap.

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