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With its own spin-off, Valorant joins the Wordle craze

Did you know that a Valorant Wordle is currently available to play? The game is one of the most popular and growing FPS games from Riot Games. Even though it was only introduced a little over a year ago, it has already made an impact on the gaming industry.

What is the purpose of the Valorant pun?

More than two weeks ago, a Reddit member submitted his Wordle creation on the game. On the official Valorant subreddit, u/lalexvak, a player, posted a link to the project. The game asks you to guess a five-letter word related to Valorant and gives you six tries, similar to Wordle.

The game's lexicon, according to developer u/lalexvk, includes everything. They aim to make it the ultimate Wordle, complete with weapon names, maps, agents, and even map legends. However, it is not as simple as it seems. The game has so many weapons, maps, agents, and in-game jargon that guessing the word of the day would take an avid fan.

What is the best way to play this Valorous Wordle game?

You try to guess the word in less than six attempts, much like in the original Wordle. You can type any word in the five empty tiles in each row and press "Enter". The color of the boxes then indicates whether your guess was correct or nearly correct. If a tile is green, it indicates that the letter is in the right place. Yellow, on the other hand, indicates that the letter is present in the word but in the incorrect tile. Finally, the gray tiles denote the absence of a letter in the word.

Unlike the original Wordle, where you can search any word, this version searches Valorant phrases. This Wordle game will undoubtedly be a breeze for Wordle aficionados. However, if you are just getting started, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the game language before trying this Wordle.