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According to a leak, Doctor Strange is coming to Fortnite

Doctor Strange is rumored to be making an appearance in Fortnite. With his first live-action MCU appearance in 2016, the Marvel hero made his big mainstream debut. Due to his mind-blowing abilities and Benedict Cumberbatch's charming acting, the character immediately became a fan favorite.

After his roles in the last two Avengers films and Spider-Man:No Way Home, Doctor Strange has maintained his popularity. Marvel will release Sam Raimi-directed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in May, continuing its hot streak, and it looks like Marvel will be using Fortnite as a marketing weapon again.

Doctor Strange in Fortnite

Doctor Strange will be coming to Fortnite in the game's second season, according to ShiinaBR, a reputable Fortnite leaker. It's unclear when the Sorcerer Supreme will appear, but it will likely be around the time the next film premieres on May 6 e 2022.

According to a leak, Doctor Strange is coming to Fortnite

Fans should expect a similar release pattern for Doctor Strange, as there were skins to tie into the release of Spider-Man:No Way Home on December 16. e , 2021, one day before the shot is released in theaters. To go along with the new skin, it looks like there may be entertaining emotes depending on the character's abilities, but nothing has been confirmed. Of course, all this must be taken into consideration.

According to a leak, Doctor Strange is coming to Fortnite

When it comes to advertising the highly anticipated Marvel movies, fortnite has proven to be an effective weapon. Epic Games held a big event within Fortnite in April 2019 to celebrate the release of Avengers:Endgame, allowing players to use the skills and weapons of the Avengers to take on a player-controlled version of Thanos as he attempts to acquire the Infinity Stones. It was a fun approach to getting people excited about the next Marvel feature.