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Netflix:the platform launches N-Plus, its own social network

The Netflix streaming platform is preparing the imminent release of its social network:N-Plus.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even Tiktok... So many social networks that punctuate our daily lives and on which we already spend a lot of time. Moreover, the Netflix streaming platform has understood the interest of users for this kind of application. Indeed, the firm has planned to launch its own Baptist social network N-Plus. But what will it be used for?

N-Plus, Netflix's social network

The American company is in full preparation for the release of its social network, called N-Plus. Protocol magazine explains that the streaming giant would have questioned its users about this new service.

According to the first information collected, this new platform would be halfway between a classic social network and the Netflix interface. Inside, we could find journalistic content (articles, videos, podcasts, interviews), games, music...

Netflix wants to grow its community

The platform would also think about developing its community. In her social network, she would consider including the possibility for users to have a reading list personalized that they could share among themselves.

Subscribers would also have the opportunity to give their opinion on a series, even before the end of filming. Users could perhaps, thanks to this, influence the future of the series broadcast on Netflix.

If for the moment nothing is official yet, there is no doubt that the streaming platform should soon launch this new feature quickly as it does regularly for all its new features.