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Netflix:here are the 10 most viewed films on the platform

The Netflix streaming service has unveiled its ten most-watched original films since the platform was created.

Ever since the Netflix platform came into our lives, we've been downright addicted to it. The firm's productions - especially in terms of series - are a real planetary success:Stranger Things, La Casa De Papel, Lupin, The Chronicles of Bridgerton, in short, a panoply of content as diverse as it is varied which appeals to a large part of the population . But if the series are so appreciated, the films are not left out.

Since they were added to the platform, some feature films have had a new lease of life while other Netflix creations have simply enjoyed wide success. Moreover, the platform revealed the list of its ten productions which had been the most watched since the creation of the company.

What are the ten most viewed movies on Netflix?

For the second year in a row, Netflix reveals which films have been the most watched on its platform . We find in 10th place, The Midnight Sky, post-apocalyptic film which stars Georges Clooney in the role of Augustine, a scientist based in Antarctica who will do everything to prevent a terrible catastrophe which threatens planet Earth. On par comes the movie Army of the Dead, which mixes both zombie invasion and bank robbery. These two productions made in Netflix have accumulated nearly 72 million views each.

In 8th place, we find Project Power with 75 million views followed closely by Enola Holmes (76 million) with the main character Millie Bobby Brown who plays the little sister of Sherlock Holmes here. The Old Guard ranks 6th in the standings. Charlize Theron slips here into the skin of Andy, an immortal who fights to save human beings . 78 million people were fascinated by this story.

The 5 most viewed movies on Netflix

With 83 million views, Murder Mustery ranks 5th. This comedy undermines Jennifer Aniston (Audrey) and Adam Sandler (Nick) who are both accused of a murder committed on a luxury yacht. So many views for 6 Underground, which comes just after Spenser Confidential has been viewed over 85 million times and arrives at the 3rd position.

On the second step of the podium, we find the breathtaking thriller Bird Box which thrilled nearly 89 million spectators. Sandra Bullock must keep her eyes closed if she wants to survive. Finally, first place goes to... Tyler Rake! This film starring Chris Hemsworth as a mercenary has been viewed nearly 99 million times!

What is certain is that what works on the competing platform of Amazon Prime, is indeed science fiction and / or horror films ! In any case, with such results, Netflix still has a bright future ahead of it.

General ranking

1. Tyler Rake – 99 million

2. Bird Box – 89 million

3. Spenser Confidential – 85 million

4. 6 Underground – 83 million

5. Murder Mystery – 83 million

6. The Old Guard – 78 million

7. Enola Holme s – 76 million

8. Project Power – 75 Million

9. The Midnight Sky The Midnight Sky

10. Army of the Dead – 72 million