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The Wikipedia mobile app is the travel companion you didn't know you needed

Wikipedia is mainly known for being a rabbit hole on the Internet The best of Wikipedia:5 apps to find weird or interesting articles The best of Wikipedia:5 apps to find weird or interesting articles Wikipedia can be fascinating, weird or strange. These five unique tools will help you to interesting pages on Wikipedia. Read more to get lost for hours, but a lesser-known use of the online encyclopedia is as a travel companion, to discover interesting places and nearby points of interest that you must visit..

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Location service enabled

If you have just installed the Wikipedia app, be sure to enable location services, as this feature will not work so well otherwise. You can search by city or address if you wish, but when you're out, it's more convenient to let the app do the work for you..

  • Android users will not be prompted to activate the feature until they touch the Close tab and touch the compass icon on the map. If you already have the app on your phone and the location services disabled, go to Settings> Applications> Wikipedia> Permissions and toggle Location en.
  • iOS users will be prompted to activate the feature when opening the app for the first time. If you already have the iOS app installed but the location services are not enabled, you can enable them. iOS users go to Settings> Intimacy> Location Services . . . . Scroll up to Wikipedia and select to allow location access While using the application.

Find nearby places of interest

Once you have the location services enabled, go to the map tab in the app. For Android users, it's the last icon (a compass) in the dock and it's not labeled until you tap it and then says Near. For iOS users, it is the second icon on the left and is clearly labeled Places .

Should see a map with interesting nearby locations in either app. iOS users have the added advantage of being able to view the results on the map or as a list.

The Wikipedia mobile app is the travel companion you didn t know you needed

This is an excellent way to discover places to visit not only in your hometowns or cities, but also a useful way to explore a new city you just moved to or are visiting. With the search function, you can also do a little research in advance and use Wikipedia to find out what places you want to visit before you go there.

Do you come across other creative uses for the Wikipedia mobile app? Let us know in the comments..