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Writing a travel diary:nothing could be easier

Writing a travel diary:nothing could be easier

Our tips for creating a travel diary

You have earned them and they are finally here:the holidays! You will live unforgettable moments of which you will want to keep all the memories intact. And if, for once, we went further than the traditional photos to create a real travel diary? So, we take out our pencils, glue, scissors, let's go for a DIY session!

What is a travel diary?
A travel diary is a work that retraces the highlights of a stay. It is composed of text, photos, sketches, collages and other objects gleaned on site. We also slip in what we experienced during the stay, the words of a foreign language, cultural particularities, cooking recipes, etc. This holiday diary is a work that you can share with your friends or keep for yourself to remember moments of happiness.

Why a travel diary?
With the travel diary, the memories are not frozen like in the photos. They live through images, drawings, our feelings on a visit, etc. Once back home, it allows you to immerse yourself in the sensations experienced, to remember the flavors of a dish, the pleasure of an encounter. We then look at our vacation diary like a magazine, to relax over a good coffee, alone or with those who have accompanied us.
The travel diary is also an original way to tell about your vacation with those who weren't so lucky, to give them an overview of our experience and convey to them a bit of the atmosphere of the stay.

Writing is not my forte, what should I do?

No problem, a travel diary in video format is an interesting and original alternative. Compile your best memories and put them together creatively in the edit.

How to make a travel diary?
You don't have to be Picasso to make a travel diary. So, we don't put pressure on ourselves! Even clumsy, a notebook can be rich in emotions. Here's how to do it:
1. On site, take notes of your magical moments, photograph the key moments of your stay, the monuments visited, the people you met, etc.
2. Also collect significant objects, maps, keep your museum tickets, your passes for a festival or a hike.
3. Back home, once your photos have been printed and all the objects have been collected, ask your other half and the children for anecdotes, drawings, sketches, etc., which will feed your travel diary in an unusual way.
4. It is then time to let your creativity speak for collage and writing. For the form, it's up to you:chronological story like a diary, compilation of the best moments, places not to be missed, good restaurants, etc. What if, to be even more original and impress your friends, you made a travel diary in comic book form? The important thing is to have fun talking about your vacation.

Posting vacation photos on Facebook or Instagram is good. To relive these moments of happiness once back home, nothing better than a travel diary. A notebook, photos, a few drawings and you're done. An original DIY idea for the whole family!