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Best‌ ‌Songs‌ ‌To‌ ‌Learn‌ ‌On‌ ‌Piano‌

Music soothes the soul, so much so that it has become a widely known form of therapy. Our modern society is full of stress every day. But that's not even worrying given the extreme demands of our professional and personal lives.

Music offers the possibility of expressing oneself without any limitation imposed by words. No explanation is needed, just the rhythm and everything falls into place.

Learn songs on the piano

Listening to music is fun. Learning to play different types of music is exciting. However, learning the same music and listening to them on the piano is not only therapeutic for you but also rewarding for your fans,

Some songs lift your spirits and make you feel rejuvenated. They have a way of making you more optimistic and committed to the sometimes lasting lessons.

These can be different songs, depending on each individual. But, they have specific characteristics that are hard not to notice.

Let's find out:

  • Most of these songs communicate something special that you can connect with and something meaningful that you can talk about.
  • They become the most important source of motivation during and after your piano lessons. They further motivate you to develop the skills required to play them,
  • These are not just songs, but a different and exceptional way to express yourself. Beyond the limitation of words, they give you the opportunity to communicate better and differently,

Generally, all of these songs give you the perfect opportunity to express yourself freely and confidently. So you become more confident in how you express yourself at the piano and communicate with others.

And, these should be the songs that inspired you to learn the piano.

So, what are these songs that are so simple and effective to learn on the piano?

  • Chopsticks

It's the kind of song that every piano student would play even without these intensive lessons. It's a song that even people who aren't musicians can play very well. It's as simple as pressing the keyboard.

With drumsticks you play the meaning of the notes and notate the notes themselves.

  • The Alphabet Song

The alphabet song and the little twinkling star are practically the same. The only difference is the number of notes in each of them.

So that means if you can learn one with equal ease, the other shouldn't be a problem for you.

You could say that all of these songs are from children, which is absolutely true. However, they help you learn the basics and shape your musical journey.

  • Happy Birthday Song

Who hasn't sung that in their whole life? I mean, almost everyone resonates well with this song and sings it almost every time. It is simple to learn and play the piano. The fact that everyone can sing along while you play it on the piano makes it even more exciting and fun to try.

  • For Elise

Like the songs listed above, it's just as easy to learn. But more than that, you can always add more notes to make it sound better.

In conclusion;

Picking any of the above songs for your piano lessons should be a snap once you've mastered each one. Most importantly, keep practicing and doing refresher courses to hone your skills.