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PUBG New State:Top 5 Major Weapon Changes In The Game

There is a high chance that PUBG New State will launch globally in the coming month. Krafton made noticeable changes in the graphics as well as the weapons, the main aspect of a battle royale game.

SummaryTop 5 Major Weapon Changes in PUBG New State Mutant MK47 DP-28VSS Scar-LM16A4

Krafton has brought some very successful battle royale games to the mobile gaming industry. Undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile is by far Krafton's most successful venture. However, many players have sought changes in the game while keeping the same concept. It seems Krafton has heard your pleas! Its latest franchise, PUBG New State will bring some changes to the weapons. Although the weapons are the same as those in PUBG Mobile, the changes will force players to try out the otherwise underrated weapons.

Without further ado, let's discuss the changes that have brought the weapons.

Top 5 major changes in weapons in PUBG New State

Mutant MK47

PUBG New State:Top 5 Major Weapon Changes In The Game

An underrated weapon in PUBG Mobile as well as Battlegrounds Mobile India, many players are unaware that it is the only AR weapon with the highest damage. The reason mane players have overlooked this weapon is that this weapon does not have an auto fire mode. But what if we tell you that you can use MK47 Mutant in auto fire mode in PUBG New State. Weapon customization allows you to do this, as well as equipping several necessary attachments.

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PUBG New State:Top 5 Major Weapon Changes In The Game

The DP-28 is considered the favorite weapon of amateurs and professionals who wish to try the bullet spray technique. Its recoil is close to zero when firing towards the enemy from a prone position. Its only downside is that it takes a long time to recharge. PUBG New State's Weapon Customization Kit expands the ammo capacity to 72, so you don't need to reload while shooting at the enemy.


PUBG New State:Top 5 Major Weapon Changes In The Game

PUBG Mobile gamers coined the term "silent killer" for VSS. Even without a suppressor, your enemies won't even have a slight clue about your location if you're shooting from long range. In PUBG Mobile, VSS comes with a pre-equipped 4x scope, however, the latest game allows you to equip any scope with VSS.


Most PUBG Mobile players overlook Scar-L and choose M416 instead. However, things might change with PUBG New State as you can equip up to 50 balls at a time in Scar-L. Therefore, knocking down enemies in a single round of bullets will be a piece of cake. Weapon customization has added several upgrades to this underrated weapon.


PUBG New State:Top 5 Major Weapon Changes In The Game

The M16A4 could become players' favorite weapon in the upcoming battle royale game. Players can now use this weapon in auto-fire mode. The M16A4 deals a significant amount of damage and can be used effectively in medium to long range combat.

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