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Should YouTube music videos have age ratings?

Rihanna, Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus...there's little doubt that music videos have gotten edgier in recent years, but does the British government have a right to impose age ratings on YouTube and Vevo music videos?

From now on, music videos produced in the UK and distributed by major brands will be subject to ratings if they are deemed unsuitable for children. Like the movies, the ratings will be 12, 15 and 18.

What is the reasoning behind this move? Should this policy be implemented internationally? And is it really worth instituting it in the first place?


This Censorship Program Why the Next 10 Years Look Bad for Internet Censorship Why the Next 10 Years Look Bad for Internet Censorship Although the world's citizens are learning more about censorship and learning new ways to counter it, the prospects it doesn't look good for the future of internet freedom Read More actually started with a pilot scheme in the UK last October, but it will now become a permanent measure. Works from Warner Music, Sony Music and Universal Music volunteer their videos to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which works alongside the music industry's trade association, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). .

According to Joanna Shields, Minister for Internet Security and Protection, everything is done with responsibility in mind:

Remember when Helen Lovejoy begged, "Will someone please think of the children?"?

This has definite shadows of that.

The policy affects any videos that show violence, nudity, sexual references and profanity. So far, 132 tagged videos have been fixed:56 have been awarded a 12; 53 to 15; and a single track by Dizzee Rascal, Pair of Stacks , being awarded an 18 certificate. This adults-only track features would-be lovers embracing before the rapper decides to go on a disturbing (almost ridiculous) murder spree. It is somewhat reminiscent of a more brutal form. goosebumps , Thanks to a gory title screen and head-turning action.

While some will accuse it of simply being the latest example of a “nanny state,” it's hard to question the reasoning. After all, the BBFC already judges all movies and DVD releases, and most "adult" albums come with a "Parental Advisory" sticker somewhere on the cover.

The most controversial videos?

We have come a long way since Mary Whitehouse wrote countless notes to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and ITV (Independent Television) about the dance company Pan's People on Top of the Pops , the Time Lord being strangled and held underwater in Doctor Who , and blasphemy in Son of man .

Things have really changed. Strong language and sexualization are everywhere. Just a quick look at the infamous sidebar in The Daily Mail The website reveals that newspapers are certainly not exempt from objectifying men and (mainly) women.

The point is, where will it stop? What is considered going too far?

Madonna is known for her controversial videos, and lyrics, but it could be argued that this NSFW (Not Fit For Work) attitude has increased recently. Here are just a few music videos that raised pulses on release...

Blurry lines

In 2013, you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing this collaboration between Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell Williams. And then the student unions started banning it.

It quickly became known for ostensibly advocating rape (naturally, artists protested this claim), but two videos were also posted, one sexualized but relatively clean, the other starring Emily Ratajkowski, Elle Evans, and Jessi M'Bengue dancing. topless. . He was removed from YouTube for his nudity, but was soon put back on with an age warning. We are not showing the uncut version in case you are at work. We are not thought?!

Elastic Heart

Sia walked the line between art and pedophilia in this oddity of a music video, released in early 2015. Sia apologized on Twitter after many took offense. The film shows an almost animalistic dance fight in a cage, which some people felt hinted at something unwelcome (perhaps even incest). Others defended it as High Art that people just don't understand..

A warning to anyone easily offended:this video contains footage of a Shia LaBeouf nature.

Call me

If you're a straight man, it's pretty hard to forget this 2004 top-chartper, who combined a repetitive beat, and highly suggestive aerobics performed largely by scantily clad women. Then Prime Minister Tony Blair said:

Hey, we've all been there. In fact, it became Australia's most downloaded music video and even requested a follow-up exercise DVD. An uncut version featuring an even more suggestive routine didn't save it from being named #5 in NME magazine's 50 Worst Music Videos of All Time. list.

All the things she said

Despite being labeled as gimmicky, All the things she said push russian artists, t.A.t.U in the international spotlight. The music video, perhaps considered tame by today's standards (despite only being released in 2002), played a big part in this, as it focused on an apparently lesbian relationship and the audience's shocked reaction to it. this..

Despite being marketed as such, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina were not lesbians, although they are both advocates for LGBT rights (and recently performed at the Opening Ceremony of last year's Winter Olympics in Sochi).

Here's why age ratings don't work

I haven't even mentioned Katy Perry naked on a cloud, Miley Cyrus is destroying her Hannah Montana Person riding a wrecking ball, or Rihanna's admission that chains and whips turn her on.

This reveals the core problem with putting age ratings on UK-produced music videos:it could be a start, but as it's limited to UK artists, it will have little effect. This means that Nicki Minaj can be as explicit as she likes, and the BBFC still won't give her an 18 certificate. Anaconda . Even Baroness Shields admits:

Many simply see this as another way in which the Government intends to censor or at least manipulate its citizens by saying that it seeks to protect children. Earlier, Prime Minister David Cameron forced Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer their customers the ability to block websites en mass . Is it the duty of the State to “protect”? Is it the youth, or the responsibility of the parents? And then there is the debate over whether parents should monitor their children's online activities. Should parents spy on their children? [MUO Debates] Should parents spy on their children? [MUO Debates] Do you spy on your children? If so, why? If not, why not? This is the question that concerns us today. These are the questions we are going to explore in this discussion. Read more.

This is ignoring another reason these ratings are moot:it's not actually censorship. Pop to Stack Pair En YouTube y tratar de encontrar el certificado 18. Si estás allí para ver a Dizzee arrancar el corazón de una chica, probablemente no te detengas para buscar detalles de cuándo se publicó y quién lo publicó, que es donde encontrarás los detalles restringidos por edad. En Vevo, los videos se reproducen automáticamente, una clasificación está a la derecha y un certificado parpadea en la pantalla en la parte superior izquierda cuando se pasa sobre ella. Tendrás suerte si te das cuenta.

YouTube ha estado haciendo un mejor trabajo durante años:ya muestran una advertencia de contenido, por lo que solo puedes ver cierto material si te registras y confirmas tu edad. (Incluso entonces, la humanidad ha inventado una pequeña cosa práctica llamada acostado , en línea gracias al anonimato de Internet ¿Puede realmente ser anónimo en línea? ¿Puedes realmente ser anónimo en línea? Todos tenemos cosas que preferiríamos no contarle al mundo. Creo que es hora de aclarar algunas cosas sobre el anonimato en línea, y responder de una vez por todas, si es realmente posible. Lea más.) Desplácese hacia abajo y vea el mal lenguaje en los comentarios también:en este tipo de videos, por lo general, obtiene más effing y cegamiento que lo que vería a un invitado de Danny Dyer en un programa de chat..

Por supuesto, un preadolescente puede estar molesto por no poder ver un video en particular en YouTube, y ese mismo preadolescente también puede saber revisar las alternativas. 5 Sitios de videos que son alternativas a YouTube 5 Sitios de videos que son alternativas a YouTube Cree o no hubo un momento en que YouTube no era el padre de todos los sitios de videos en línea. En cambio, era simplemente uno de los números que ofrecía a las personas comunes la posibilidad de ... Leer más como Vimeo o Dailymotion. ¡Las clasificaciones de edad no son universales ni geográficamente ni siquiera a través de Internet! YouTube puede ser el más popular de estos sitios de video en línea, pero está lejos de ser el único.

Si está lo suficientemente decidido para ver algo, generalmente puede encontrar una manera de hacerlo, normalmente bastante rápido cuando está en línea. Una advertencia insustancial no hará una diferencia, al igual que la calificación de 15 no me impidió mirar Morir duro Cuando tenía la mitad de esa edad. Yippee-ki-yay, Motherfluffer, de hecho.

Hacer una diferencia

No soy un padre No estoy especialmente calificado para informar sobre los efectos negativos de encontrar a otro individuo atractivo. Los niños escuchan palabras de juramento que estallan en el patio de una escuela. Y con respecto a la violencia, es ese viejo argumento otra vez sobre si los videojuegos inspiran a los niños a comenzar.

Sin embargo, veo la necesidad de proteger la inocencia de los jóvenes. Es importante que no estén contaminados por el mundo adulto. Es un tiempo precioso en la vida de cualquiera. Por otra parte, puedes disfrutar de una película de Disney y aún encontrar a Katy Perry extrañamente fascinante.

En conclusión, personalmente no creo que esta sea la manera correcta de lograr la mollificación. De hecho, no logrará nada, por lo que puedo ver. Ciertamente no va a impedir que Rihanna lance canciones escandalosas:después de todo, como dice Marge Simpson, “acurrucarse vende”!

Cual es tu opinion?

¿Las calificaciones de edad hacen alguna diferencia para ti? ¿Está preocupado por los efectos que los videos de música cada vez más escandalosos tendrán en los niños? ¿Tienes una mejor solución al problema que asignar calificaciones de edad? Por favor, háganos saber sus pensamientos en la sección de comentarios a continuación.