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Amazon Echo Spotify Premium or Amazon Music Unlimited owners?

Spotify Premium and Amazon Music Unlimited are two of the best music streaming services available right now. Unfortunately, both require you to pay in cold, hard cash to access. Therefore, it is important to know which one is best for you personally before signing up.

Amazon Echo owners have countless ways to listen to music All the ways to play music with Amazon Echo and Alexa All the ways to play music with Amazon Echo and Alexa The Amazon Echo excels at playing your music. These are all the ways to listen to music with Amazon Echo and Alexa. Read More So we thought we should put both of them to the test specifically on Amazon smart speakers. This is Spotify Premium vs. Amazon Music Unlimited for Echo owners!

Amazon Echo Devices

Echo, Echo Dot and Tap are smart speakers that recognize voice commands thanks to Amazon's personal assistant, Alexa..

You can ask Alexa to create a list about anything Alexa can now create endless lists for you. Alexa can now create endless lists for you. Although Alexa's newest skill is simple, it's guaranteed to delight the list builder in your life right now. Read More There are some minor differences Amazon Echo vs. Dot vs. Tap:What are the key differences? Amazon Echo vs. Dot vs. Tap:What are the key differences? A common complaint against the Amazon Echo was that it had too many features and cost too much. Amazon's response to that? Launching two variations with smaller price tags:the Tap and the Echo Dot. Read More The Echo and Tap score well for sound quality, while the Dot really needs to be paired with a better speaker to be worth buying.

The Echo Tap is the most portable of the three, meaning you can take your favorite tunes with you wherever you go.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's focus on how Spotify Premium and Amazon Music Unlimited compare.

Price is important

Amazon Music Unlimited costs $3.99/month to use on a single Echo, Punto, or Tap. However, the price increases considerably if you want to use it on more than one device. For Prime members looking to stream on up to six devices, Amazon Music Unlimited is $7.99/month. And for non-Prime members (who won't get much use out of an Echo device), it's $9.99/month.

You can also get a 30-day free trial using the “Alexa, try Music Unlimited” command. You will see a $1 hold on your credit card account that will clear within 72 hours. You can also consider choosing the family plan. This offers access for up to six people at a reduced cost.

Prime subscribers can also pay annually for Amazon Music Unlimited. It costs $79/year for an individual user and $149/year for a family plan.

Amazon also offers student discounts. You can get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited for just $6 and then $4.99/month after that.

Spotify Premium, on the other hand, costs $9.99/month in most cases. It also offers a 30-day free trial.

You must cancel service within that time period to avoid a charge. Also, there is a $4.99/month option for college students. It combines Spotify Premium with Hulu, giving you streaming video and music.

Plus, there's a Spotify Premium plan for families, too. Buy Premium for up to six people for $14.99/month. Each person receives their own account. However, keep in mind that you can only link one Spotify account to your Echo.

Comparing the music

Spotify Premium is great when it comes to mood-based playlists. Alexa can now play music for you. Baby can now play music for you. Alexa is now capable of playing music based on different activities or moods. Which includes asking Alexa to "play jazz music to make babies." Do not say more. Read more . Do you want the melodies to cry a breakup? Or tunes to help you get psyched up for a Friday night? Spotify Premium offers you these and many more. Humans and algorithms combine to determine the tracks that best fit listeners' needs.

Amazon Music Unlimited also offers curated playlists, but they're not as plentiful or as brilliant as Spotify's offerings. Spotify also adds a more personalized element, with Your Summer Rewind featuring your best songs of the summer season, Discover Weekly brings you new songs you're likely to like, and Your Time Capsule, full of songs that will make you feel young again. This Spotify Playlist Can Make You Feel Young Again This Spotify Playlist Can Make You Feel Young Again Spotify has a new playlist with the potential to make you feel young again. Unless you're still young, in which case it has the power to transport you to 2012. Learn more.

Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify Premium allow users to create playlists as well.

When it comes to the overall size of music libraries, both services boast millions of songs from every artist you can think of. If you have specific artists in mind, you should consider starting free trials of both services to determine if their music is available.

Preparing them

Amazon Music Unlimited was created with Amazon devices in mind. As a result, it has an automatically integrated service.

In contrast, using Spotify Premium on an Amazon Echo requires a short process to set it up. Specifically, open the Alexa app on your smartphone, go to The Menu , tap Music, video and books , then Spotify , and then tap Link account . That generates a login window. Then simply enter your Spotify account details to get started.

Go beyond your echo

While we're specifically trying to help Echo owners figure out which music streaming service is best for them, you'll probably want to use Spotify or Amazon Music Unlimited on other devices as well.

Spotify makes it very simple, with Spotify Connect allowing Spotify users to listen to music through a secondary device such as a tablet, TV or Echo device. There is also a Spotify smartphone app (Android and iOS) and the Spotify web player.

The specific Echo Amazon Music Unlimited plan only allows you to listen to songs through your Echo device. However, just like Spotify, the standard Amazon Music Unlimited subscription has a lot more options. There is an Amazon Music smartphone app (on Android and iOS) and the Amazon Music web player.

Comparison of voice commands

There are a number of Alexa voice commands related to Spotify. You can ask Alexa to play a desired genre, song, or artist. It can also ask you for the name of the song you are currently listening to.

Alexa recognizes similar commands for Amazon Music Unlimited. One addition, however, is the ability to play the latest track by an artist. Also, if you use Amazon Music Unlimited, you have the ability to provide feedback on the type of music you like. Just say “Alexa, thumbs up” or “Alexa, thumbs down” to help the AI ​​learn more about your preferences. Spotify Premium does not allow you to do this with your Echo as of this writing.

Amazon Music Unlimited also allows you to verbally add songs to your library. Use the command “Alexa, add this song.” to do so (If you want to add a song in Spotify Premium, you have to open the app).

Plus, if you often find it hard to remember song names, Alexa can help you figure out a song title. When using Amazon Music Unlimited, just say, “Alexa, play the song that goes [lyric snippet].” After repeating some of the lyrics, remember that Alexa does the rest by pulling the track from the library. This is not possible with Spotify Premium.

And the winner is…

Taking everything into consideration, if you own an Echo device and plan to use it primarily for listening to music, we recommend Amazon Music Unlimited Amazon launches Music Unlimited as Spotify Killer Amazon launches Music Unlimited as Spotify Killer After months of speculation, Amazon has released its own ad-free on-demand music streaming service. So what's the deal with Amazon Music Unlimited? Read more.

Spotify Premium and Amazon Music Unlimited have similar prices for their standard, student, and family plans. However, the latter service's Echo-only plan is the obvious choice for budget-conscious folks. And even if you pay extra for the full Amazon Music Unlimited service, its easy integration and additional voice commands give you the edge. It's close though.

Do you agree that Amazon Music Unlimited is the best option for Echo owners? Or do you think Spotify really has the upper hand? Do you agree with our reasoning? Or do you think we should have taken other factors into account? Please let us know in the comments below!