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6 ways to watch YouTube without distractions

Opening YouTube can be a risky business. While YouTube can help you learn, it's also a site where clicking on a video can send you down a rabbit hole full of screaming goats, wacky music videos, and an extremely grumpy cat.

If you get easily distracted on YouTube, this article is for you. The list below will save you from wasting several hours of your life watching time-wasting videos.

The following tools can remove recommended videos, trends, and disable autoplay, among other things, all without stopping you from getting everything you need from YouTube.

Many of these tools also allow you to watch YouTube videos without opening YouTube itself. 6 ways to watch YouTube without going to YouTube. 6 ways to watch YouTube without going to YouTube. Do you sometimes get tired of YouTube? No, I'm not referring to YouTube content; it is so diverse that you can always find something new and exciting to see. I'm talking about the YouTube interface, with... Read More As a result, they can also be used if you don't want these video searches to affect your YouTube recommendations.

1. Minimalist YouTube

It doesn't get more distractions than Minimalist YouTube. The site is little more than a search bar, and the results page is just as simple. You will see videos related to your search and when you click on a video, it will take up a large part of the page.

You get all the controls you'd get when watching a YouTube video:Play, Pause, Subtitles, and a Chromecast button.

You won't see any recommended videos in the sidebar and the site won't autoplay related videos once what you're watching has finished.

That said, minimalistic YouTube falls short in one way:when you play a video, you'll see a grid of recommended videos at the end of the video you're watching, and you'll still have access to the More Videos tab. link inside the video player.

Who is this for? Minimalist YouTube is absolutely no frills and no features. It is about searching and looking. If that's all you need, this is the site for you.

2. DF YouTube

If you're a Chrome user, the DF YouTube extension does a much better job of getting rid of distractions on YouTube.

After installing the extension, you can choose which distracting YouTube features you want to disable.

With DF YouTube, Chrome users can disable autoplay, hide the trending tab, recommended videos, subscriptions, related videos at the end of the video, comments, and more.

It also includes a button to quickly activate and deactivate the extension.

Who is this for? This is a sensible option for someone who wants a semi-permanent way to log into YouTube, watch a tutorial or video to get to work, and immediately start over.

This extension is also very useful for someone who doesn't want to get caught up in one of those time-wasting arguments that somehow always appear in the YouTube comments section. 5 ways to improve YouTube comments. 5 ways to improve YouTube comments. It is one of the worst sites on the web. In an internet already full of nonsense a smart and intelligent person would want to spend their time reading, YouTube's comments section stands out... Read More


If you're looking for a distraction-free way to share YouTube videos, makes it easy.

With, you can search for a video directly on the site or simply paste the URL of the video you want to share. That said, some URLs just aren't recognized by the site, so it can be a bit hit and miss.

When you can successfully find a video through, click on the Use this video button.

So, you can choose between five different designs. And finally, will offer a link that will take people to the distraction-free version of the video.

When someone clicks the link, you can still read more about the video - who created it and information in the YouTube description box - by clicking the me link button.

Who is this for? If you're conscious of not sending other people down the YouTube rabbit hole, or just want a distraction-free video player on social media, this is something you should add to your arsenal of online tools.

4. ViewPure

If you're not a Chrome user and still want to rid YouTube of comments and other distractions, you can do so with ViewPure.

With ViewPure, all you need is the YouTube URL or search term. When you search for videos on ViewPure, you can also enable a strict or moderate safe search mode.

The videos you can play on ViewPure get rid of everything but the video, including recommended videos and comments. And of course, no video will autoplay at the end of the video.

With ViewPure, you can also share the link you've generated from the video, so it also becomes a viable alternative if you can't get to generate a clean version of your video.

ViewPure also offers a bookmarklet that you can use to "purify" a YouTube video. The bookmarklet can be found on the ViewPure FAQ page.

Who is this for? ViewPure really bills itself as a safe search option, making it ideal for anyone who wants to ensure search results are suitable for a younger audience. That said, ViewPure's site is full of ads, which means they probably don't have complete control over all the images that appear on the site.

5. Magic Actions

Magic Actions is another browser extension, but it's available for multiple browsers:Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Magic Actions is a pretty robust YouTube extension that goes above and beyond most of the features offered by other extensions and sites on this list.

After installing the extension, open the options to configure it. You can access the options page by clicking the Settings button directly below any video or by clicking the Extension button and tapping Options .

For a distraction-free version of YouTube, here are the settings you'll want to make sure are checked:

  • Stop autoplay (you have the option to keep autoplay on for playlists)
  • Don't show video annotations
  • Hide Page Elements (You can choose from Alerts, Header, Related Videos, Video Description, Comments, Guide, Footer, Video Details)

With all the above features enabled, individual YouTube videos will look pretty plain:

Who is this for? This is a great option for other browser users who want a semi-permanent way to clean up their YouTube viewing experience. But for Chrome users choosing between Magic Actions and DF YouTube, the latter offers a much simpler user interface.

6. Watchkin

Like ViewPure, Watchkin makes it easy for YouTubers to get rid of distractions no matter what kind of browser they prefer to use. You will not receive recommendations, related videos, comments or anything else..

All you get is the video itself.

Who is this for? Again, like Viewpure, if you want an easy and hassle-free approach to a distraction-free version of YouTube, no matter your browser, this is a good option.

If you plan to use any of these sites in a mobile browser, Watchkin is the best option. However, if safe search is important to you, Viewpure is better.

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