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Fire Elite Pass Season 45 free release date, pre-order rewards and more

Garena is introducing a new Elite Pass to Free Fire at the start of every month with new rewards and exclusive missions to claim badges as well. Here in this article, we'll be looking at the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 45 release date, pre-order rewards, and more.

Elite Passes are the exclusive hub for many in-game rewards and special items in Free Fire. With just a few more days in January, the new Season 45 of the Free Fire Elite Pass is fast approaching. The Season 45 Elite Pass will also be available for pre-order. Let's take a look at the upcoming Free Fire Elite Pass Season 45 release date, revamp rewards, and more.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 45 Release Date

The final Season 45 of the Free Fire Elite Pass is called the 'Rebel Papyrus ' it will be available for pre-order from January 27th. The EP will premiere on February 1 at 4:00 am IST.

The price of the Elite Pass is set at 499 diamonds and the Elite Pack with additional rewards is priced at 999 Diamonds . However, players should keep in mind that they can only buy one. The pre-order rewards for this elite pass are the unique Swan's Embrace pan skin.

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Pre-ordering for the elite pass is expected to start from January 27. Famous Free Fire data miner "KnighClown" displayed the leaked rewards and trailer on his handle. The leaked rewards for Elite Pass Season 45 are as follows:

  • 0 Badge: Van – Swan Whirlwind
  • 15 badges: Ice Feather Hoodie
  • 50 badges: Odette Platinum Bundle
  • 80 Badges: SKS – Swirl Pleat
  • 100 Badges: Adopt the Skyboard
  • 125 Badges: FAMAS – Swirl Pleat
  • 150 Badges: Swan's Embrace Loot Box
  • 180 badges: Wrapped Feather Backpack
  • 200 Badges: Smooth Sway Emote
  • 225 Badges: Silver Rothbart Bundle

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