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How do I get free Fire Elite Pass Season 44 pre-order rewards?

Garena Free Fire introduces a new elite pass at the start of each month with unique and exclusive items. Here in this post, we will be looking at Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44 Pre-Order Revealed and How to Pre-Order the Latest Elite Pass.

Elite Passes in Free Fire are the exclusive hub for many in-game rewards and special items. With a few days left in December, the new Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44 is right around the corner. The Season 44 Elite Pass will be the first EP of 2022. Let's see how to pre-order the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44 and the pre-order rewards revealed.

How to Pre-Order Free Fire Elite Pass Season 44

How do I get free Fire Elite Pass Season 44 pre-order rewards?

The new Season 44 Elite Pass is called the 'Planet Rogue ' which will be introduced to the game on January 1, 2022. The scheduled start time for the Elite Pass is 04:00 IST. The pre-order rewards for this elite pass are the unique Robotic Ship Skyboard .

The Elite Pass is priced at 499 Diamonds and the Elite Pack with additional rewards is priced at 999 Diamonds. However, players should keep in mind that they can only buy one.

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The pre-order of the Free Fire Elite Pass season 44 started from today, which is December 29, and will continue until December 31. Players need to spend 999 Diamonds to pre-order Season 44 Elite Pass. Players can follow the steps below to pre-order Free Fire Elite Season 44 Pass:

Step 1: Players must open the Elite Pass section of Free Fire.

Step 2: Players now need to click on the icon present next to the upgrade button. A dialog box will appear for users to purchase the Elite Pass in advance.

Step 3: Now players need to click on the 999 diamonds button and confirm the purchase. Once done, players will receive the rewards once the Elite Pass goes live.

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