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Tips for Black Ops Cold War COD Beginners

This article is about tips for beginners to start playing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Read on to know the COD Cold War cheats. Black Ops Cold War was meant to be a return to form for the Call of Duty classic. With Treyarch at the helm, the game lived up to that in terms of speed and gameplay. It may take a little getting used to, but some tips can make the transition much easier for new or old.

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It has lots of little tips for learning how to excel in the game. Call of Duty itself isn't new, but many gamers will try Black Ops Cold War.



Attachments in Black Ops Cold War make a huge difference in a weapon. As the weapon levels up, new ones are unlocked. Most of them have a negative and a positive. Picking the right ones is important, and most of the time aiming down sight speed takes precedence.

Cancel slides

Undoing slides is a bit more advanced. However, knowing it as a new player can make a big difference. In Black Ops Cold War, cancel slide means slide, aim, then jump to cancel slide and gain momentum while aiming. It's incredibly useful for getting around bends.

Use different weapons

Maps in Black Ops Cold War can vary greatly. This means that using an MP5 on a map may be less effective on a longer range focused map. New players may find themselves clinging to a weapon for comfort when they start playing.


Button layout and stick settings are also very important. Button settings such as Bumper Jumper Tactical on the controller can allow players to crouch and jump without affecting aiming too much. On the PC, changing hotkeys will be important.

The right settings in Black Ops Cold War can make a big difference in gameplay. It may take a bit to get the right options like sensitivity to the number you want. However, when a player discovers their perfect sensitivity, it can make all the difference.

Slow down

When sprinting, there is also a delay for the gun to be able to aim versus aiming while stationary. So when you're heading towards a goal, slowing down can be a big help when cornering. Accelerating during fights is where speed matters. It's a mix of knowing when to slow down and when to go fast.

Black Ops Cold War is a very fast-paced game, and it can feel like players are dying in half a second around every corner. Depending on game modes most of the time players will take positions and slow down. This means that charging head first at any time can be detrimental.

So, all this to know tips in COD cold war.

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