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Best Swiss K31 loadout for CoD:Cold War Season 5

The Swiss K31 is the dominant sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War. It's great for quickscoping, so here are the attachments and perks to use in Season 5 to create the best Cold War Swiss K31 loadout.

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Call of Duty has some great sniper rifles in Season 5, and the Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle has arguably become the go-to choice for most players in the game.

The Swiss K31 is designed to be fast. It has fast ADS time, fast bolt time, and plenty of bullets in the mag to boot. Not only that, but put some practical gear on the gun, and the Swiss become a sharp, fast killing machine.

We've rounded up the best accessories and perks to work with the Swiss K31, which will make it perfect for quickscoping and general sniping in Cold War Season 5.

Best Cold-war Swiss K31 loading

Best cold-war-swiss-k31-loading-accessories

  • Barrel: Team Tiger 24.9″
  • Body: Team Tiger Spotlight
  • Store: Raider Stock
  • Magazine: 8th Mag
  • Handle: Airborne elastic wrap

The Best Cold War Swiss K31 Gear is designed for quick Cold War range on smaller maps like Nuketown, but they also pack enough punch to hit some nice long shots.

For our best Cold War Swiss K31 loadout, the Team Tiger 24.9″ the barrel completely transforms the Swiss K31. It deals a lot more damage, so you'll be able to kill players with full health with a single chest hit. To spot enemies at greater distances and in dark corners, the Team Spotlight will increase your reveal distance.

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To dramatically speed up your sprint time to fire and ADS speed, you need to run the Raider's Stock and Airborne Elastic Wrap . You'll be able to expand before enemies react, allowing you to get quick kills.

And to give you a few more hits, you should run the 8th Mag . However, the Tiger Team cannon will reduce that magazine size to six, which is still the perfect amount.

Best perks to run with Cold War Swiss K31-class

Best Swiss K31 loadout for CoD:Cold War Season 5

We recommend running the Perk Greed Wildcard with the best Cold War Swiss K31 gear, as you will be able to equip two perks in each slot.

  • Advantage 1: Flak Vest &Tactical Mask
  • Advantage 2: Scavenger and Assassin
  • Advantage 3: Gung-Ho &Ghost

Lethal and tactical gear will often be the death of you in Cold War lobbies, so Bulletproof Vest and Tactical Mask will keep you alive no matter what the enemy throws at you.

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There's nothing worse than running out of ammo when you're on a sniping streak, so Scavenger will allow you to replenish ammo from corpses. And then you can use the Assassin advantage for a few extra points and a higher score when killing enemies on Scorestreaks.

And finally, Gung-Ho will further increase your mobility, allowing you to reload on the fly, as well as swap weapons faster. To fire effective flanks, Phantom will also keep you hidden from drones.

How to unlock the Swiss K31

Best Swiss K31 loadout for CoD:Cold War Season 5

Players can unlock this sniper rifle in two different ways which consist of completing unlock challenges in Black Ops Cold War or Warzone.

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You can find the unlockable challenges for this weapon below:

  • Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer/Warzone: Using sniper rifles, get 2 headshots in 15 different completed matches.
  • Black Ops Cold War Zombies: While using sniper rifles, kill 5 or more enemies with critical attacks quickly 100 times.

Best Alternatives

The Swiss K31 excels at short to medium range quickscoping. If you haven't unlocked it yet, Cold War provides other sniper rifles that will be worth using in Season 5.

The 20mm ZRG is the opposite, being slow but dealing an incredible amount of damage. And for something mid-range, you can never go wrong with the LW3 Tundra.

If battle royale is more your cup of tea, you can check out the best Swiss K31 gear for Warzone.

If you're looking for your next favorite Black Ops Cold War weapon, regardless of class, you can check out our full list of all Cold War weapons.

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