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Best PUBG New State sensitivity settings with code for low recoil

To be successful in every match of a battle royale game, players need to keep some crucial aspects of the game in mind such as sensitivity settings and PUBG New State is no exception. Players should keep the best sensitivity settings of PUBG New State if they want to defeat enemies without hassle.

With a massive player base of PUBG New State, the game's competitive scenario will increase significantly. To stay on par with all other players, you can consider setting the best PUBG New State sensitivity settings. Finding the right sensitivity settings in a battle royale game is crucial, as it helps you accurately aim your enemies and stabilize your weapon for that perfect bullet throw. Most of the players remain confused about the right settings for them and as PUBG New State has just arrived, they may want to keep a spectacular performance from the start.

Best PUBG New State Sensitivity Settings

Camera and bezel sensitivity settings

Best PUBG New State sensitivity settings with code for low recoil

Players might have noticed that there is a significant change in the sensitivity settings of PUBG New State. Camera settings and ADS (Aim down Sight) settings have been merged. Scope settings will determine your camera movement while shooting settings will help decrease recoil. Here is the best camera and scope sensitivity setting:

  • TPP Camera:150-180%
  • TPP Shoulder Camera:150-160%
  • Camera FPP:170-185%
  • Shoulder Camera FPP:145-150%
  • Iron sites:ADS-90-100%
  • Fire:90-100%
  • Red Dot and Viper:ADS-90-100%
  • Fire-90-100%
  • 2x Range:ADS-95-100%
  • Fire-95-100%
  • 3x Range:ADS-90-100%
  • Fire-90-100%
  • 4x Range:ADS-100-105%
  • Fire-100-105%
  • 6x Range:ADS-110-110%
  • Fire-100-110%
  • 8x Range:ADS-100-110%
  • Fire-100-110%

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Gyroscope sensitivity settings

Best PUBG New State sensitivity settings with code for low recoil

The gyroscope works based on your phone's built-in sensor. Gamers can move the screen as well as the bezel by simply tilting the screen. Therefore, the gyroscope is important for controlling your weapon's recoil. While maintaining the best sensitivity settings of PUBG New State, players should remember to set the correct gyroscope setting:

  • TPP camera:195-200%
  • TPP Shoulder Camera:110-120%
  • Camera FPP:185-190%
  • Shoulder Camera FPP:115-120%
  • Iron sights:180-190%
  • Red Dot and Viper:90-100%
  • 2x Range:95-100%
  • 3x Range:80-90%
  • 4x Range:75-80%
  • 6x Range:35-40%
  • 8x Range:20-25%

Players can copy and keep the same sensitivity by applying this code:SEN-60ca36ae-a560-4fb0-9544-ceec1b2264f9

How to Copy Sensitivity Codes in PUBG New State?

STEP 1: Open PUBG New State in your device

STEP 2: Find sensitivity settings by clicking in the top right corner of your screen

STEP 3: Press load and paste code

STEP 4: Click load and your PUBG New State sensitivity settings will be reset.

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