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Watch 100 free movies from Paramount Pictures on YouTube now

Everyone loves movies, and this is a great time for movie fans. From Netflix to Hulu to Watch Movies Legally Online for Free 7 Legal Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free 7 Legal Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free With the advent of the Internet, media delivery has become so easy and convenient for us. It started with music but quickly moved to include TV shows and feature films, and in the wake... Read More

If you're a movie lover on a budget and don't mind watching some lesser-known movies, you'll be glad to know that Paramount Pictures has released over 100 free movies on their new Paramount Pictures YouTube channel. The channel is verified, so it's definitely legit. Unfortunately, these movies are only available in the US, so if you're outside of the States, you'll have to work around region blocks. Internet VPN users outside of the United States are prevented from accessing the vast amount of video and music content available to Americans. Even Americans are deprived of international services like BBC iPlayer. Given this,… Read more .

You won't find big hits like Titanic , Man of Steel , or Forrest Gump in this list, but you will be able to select a movie easily due to the genre playlists. Whether you want to discover a new drama, western, comedy or thriller, you'll have options.

This is a perfect opportunity to try something new; Maybe you'll find a new favorite movie! If you're not sure, look for some familiar faces, like Jack Nicholson, Mel Gibson, and Gene Wilder, for example, among the actors in the movie to use as a start in finding a movie.

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What movies will you watch on this list? Do you have any underrated favorites that you're happy to see here? Let us know what you're looking at below!