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Music streaming, artificial intelligence and privacy

Although it may surprise many Internet users, artificial intelligence is an essential tool for music streaming platforms. Why is this technology radically transforming these services loved by music lovers? What is a VPN and what can it do for you when playing your favorite music? This article will give you all the answers related to these topics.

The Evolution of Music Distribution

Music distribution has undergone many transformations in recent decades. The first artist albums were thus marketed in vinyl format. A few years later, the appearance of audio cassettes allowed music lovers to enjoy their favorite titles from a car radio or a Walkman (nomadic system formerly exclusive to Sony).

The year 1982 was decisive for the musical distribution during the production of the first CD (Compact Disc). However, the popularization of this new format was seen much later (during the 90s).

Finally, the development of the Internet has gradually steered professionals towards digitizing their services. Unsurprisingly, the music sector was also affected by this major transformation. However, the constant piracy of audio files has given rise to a new distribution method:music streaming from a specific platform.

The success of music streaming platforms

Undoubtedly, the music streaming industry is dominated by Spotify. This Scandinavian service enjoys indisputable popularity with more than 71 million subscribers in 2017 as well as an annual turnover estimated at 4 billion euros. Other alternatives (including Apple Music or Deezer) are also very popular with Internet users. A non-negligible assessment affirms that the music streaming market grew by 60% between 2015 and 2016. To find out more about these statistics, do not hesitate to consult this article available on the website.

In short, reading music online has become an essential solution for music lovers.

Personalize to better seduce

How to explain the success of certain online platforms?

The success of some music streaming platforms is based on 2 determining factors:the variety of the catalog offered as well as the comfort of use. This second part of the answer evokes various means including the personalization of searches and title suggestions... By the way, did you know that artificial intelligence is a technology widely used to guarantee these functionalities?

The role of machine learning

The A.I. allows professionals to analyze the behavior and preferences of Internet users. Thanks to this process, the use of online services can be radically optimized and simplified. A Spotify or Deezer fan can, for example, discover suggested artists based on his musical tastes. This strategy is also used by other companies such as Google, Microsoft or Samsung.

Certainly, the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence are presented as a non-negligible comfort. Still, the ongoing analysis raised concerns about user anonymity.

What about anonymity?

Regularly, many Internet users are surprised by the ability of a platform to identify their preferences. If some music lovers are "amused" by such performances, others denounce an indirect attack on the confidentiality of users. Indeed, the lack of confidentiality is a serious problem. This article published on the site claims that the algorithm applied by Spotify allows the company to identify user preferences with disconcerting precision.

Without obtaining the consent of Internet users, the machine learning used by music streaming platforms continues to fuel various legitimate controversies. A question is then regularly identified on the web:is it possible to prevent this profiling? The answer is yes, but the installation of a specific program is essential to achieve such a result.

Installing a VPN, a radical solution for your privacy

What is a VPN?

A VPN makes it possible to modify the browsing data of an Internet user thanks to 3 features:

  • The absence of geolocation thanks to the addition of an intermediate network
  • Data encryption via a protocol
  • The presence of a DNS system (useful for masking the IP address)

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Why a virtual private network can maximize your anonymity?

In practice, machine learning requires initial identification. This is mainly carried out according to the IP address entered. However, the use of the DNS system of a VPN limits the sending of this information. Profiling therefore becomes impossible; the anonymity gained may satisfy users concerned about their confidentiality.

To conclude

Machine learning has become an essential technology. This allows music streaming platforms to guarantee optimal user comfort. Nevertheless, this imposed profiling drastically reduces the confidentiality of music lovers. Installing a VPN can solve this problem.