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Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

In 2009 (and again in 2017), we said goodbye to the actors and actresses of Prison Break. But fifteen years after the broadcast of the first episode of the series, what have they all become? We tell you everything.

Launched in 2005, the American series became (with its credits) immediately cult . Prison Break , broadcast on FOX , led us into the dark corridors of penitentiaries to follow the story of the Scofield brothers . Finally, for five seasons and 90 episodes, we followed the main characters and their loved ones through the various prisons in which they were in turn incarcerated, as well as their (multiple, repeated and relentless) attempts to 'escape .

But while Prison Break returned in 2017 as a 9-episode mini-program , the rumors of a sixth season long-awaited were stopped dead on November 8, 2020 by Wentworth Miller. Indeed, the main character of the series has announced to officially withdraw from it (find out the reason below).

In nostalgia for the good old days, therefore, what has become of its leading actors ? It seems that they have crossed paths more than once since... Find out about their different backgrounds.

Wentworth Miller, aka Michael Scofield

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

He played a brilliant engineer , convinced of his brother's innocence and ready to do anything to get him out of prison... until he gets his map tattooed on his chest. Following the series, we could see the actor in the sneakers of Captain Cold in The Flash then in the spin-off Legends of Tomorrow . He also reincarnated Michael Scofield in 2017, for the return and the fifth season of Prison Break . After coming out several years ago, he finally announced in 2020 that he no longer wanted to play straight roles. "Their stories have already been told (and told again)" , he said on Instagram .

Dominic Purcell aka Lincoln Burrows

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

After playing a delinquent sentenced to death for a supposed murder, the Anglo-Australian comedian has chained small roles and appearances in films and series. He delighted fans with his legendary duet with Wentworth Miller when he joined the cast of Flash then from Legends of Tomorrow as an arsonist criminal, before also returning for Prison Break:Resurrection — incidentally produced by the two friends.

Sarah Wayne Callies, aka Sara Tancredi

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

After the hit series ended, the one who played the prison doctor and lover of the main character landed a role in a new hit series:The Walking Dead . After three seasons, she nevertheless left for another show, Colony . She has also chained the films (Unknown Faces , Foreverland , Black Gold , Pay the Ghost and more), before reuniting with his comrades in the sequel to Prison Break .

Amaury Nolasco, alias Fernando Sucre

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

After being "released from prison", Michael's endearing cellmate tried his luck in several series. In Southland , he was unconvinced and had to leave the cast, eventually getting a recurring role on The Chase . In the cinema, he was seen in Die Hard:a beautiful day to die or Cameron Black, the illusionist . He too will join his former colleagues for a new escape to the Middle East.

William Fichtner, aka Alexander Mahone

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

If he played the FBI agent alter-ego of Michael , the actor then chained the supporting roles in successful films (The Dark Knight , Lone Ranger , Independence Day:Resurgence ). He also participated in several episodes of seasons 6 and 7 of Entourage and became one of the heroes of the detective series Crossing Lines , where he puts on the boots of an ex-cop endowed with a kind of sixth sense.

Rockmond Dunbar, aka Benjamin Miles Franklin or "C-Note"

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

Admittedly, he had left the series in season 2. But for his role as "prison pharmacist" , he remained an emblematic figure of Prison Break . He did not have time to miss us, since in 2011, he played Sheriff Roosevelt in Sons of Anarchy , then Dennis Abbott in Mentalist , Abe Gaines in The Path or Michael Grant in 9-1-1 . In 2017, he again slipped into the skin of "C-Note" alongside his comrades in arms.

Wade Williams aka Brad Bellick

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

Perhaps by a happy coincidence, the one who played the prison guard in Prison Break once again donned the uniform in the Revenge series then in the movie The Dark Knight Rises . Accustomed to small roles, he also made appearances in Mentalist , The Chase , Criminal Minds , Transparent or Westworld . Thus, as you will have noticed, the actors of Prison Break were able to meet on several sets, in a beautiful crossover.

Paul Adelstein, aka Paul Kellerman

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

Agent of Secret Service , he is the one who put Lincoln Burrows behind bars. It was ultimately a very different main role that he took on later in his career, that of Dr. Cooper Freedman in Private Practice , the spin-off by Grey's Anatomy . When this one was canceled in 2013 — and after a few guests right to left — we then find it recurring in Chance , Chicago Police Department or Imposters .

Robert Knepper, aka Theodor Bagwell or "T-Bag"

Prison Break:What happens to the actors of the series?

After leaving the skin of one of the great villains of the soap opera , the actor has appeared in quite a few series:Heroes , Twin Peaks , American Horror Story , iZombie , Homeland ...He even reprized the role of sadist "T-Bag" in an episode of Breakout Kings , series from the same creator as Prison Break . Following the revelations about Harvey Weinstein in 2017, he was also charged with sexually assaulting a costume designer and four other women.

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