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let's wander in the forest

let s wander in the forest

The forest… This inspiring, restful, refreshing and oxygenating place. Walking there is always a source of happiness. With family, lovers or friends, a walk in the forest brings you many benefits for the body and for the mind. This activity is free and accessible to all and should be practiced without moderation.

The forest, good for body and soul

As you know, walking is a very beneficial sport for our moral and physical health. However, its effectiveness is enhanced if walking is practiced in a natural environment such as the forest. A walk in the forest:

  • Reduces stress :When you walk, your body releases the pleasure hormone, endorphin. In this way, you evacuate stress and regain a feeling of well-being and serenity.
  • Boosts the immune system :Walking activates many muscles and organs in your body, as well as blood circulation. This boosts the oxygen supply and helps the immune system. Walking notably facilitates digestion and helps people prone to constipation. Walking is also very good for your lungs.
  • Decreases heart rate :walking stimulates your heart and regulates your blood pressure. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Stimulates creativity :rediscovering your child's soul by admiring your surroundings helps you boost your imagination. So put on your sneakers.
  • Help find the line :a walk is above all a gentle and pleasant physical activity. Regular walks will help you keep your figure and facilitate weight loss.

Do you know the magic of shinrin yoku?

Shinrin yoku (or "forest bathing") is a very popular Japanese practice. The principle is to reconnect with nature and regain our ability to heal through plants, by taking walks in the forest. In France, we rather speak of sylvotherapy (or arbotherapy). A technique that consists of embracing trees to get closer to nature and find a feeling of well-being.

The forest, a world conducive to discovery

Beyond the virtues on our health, the forest is a place where we never get bored. There are so many things to discover in the heart of nature, and especially in this magical place. A simple walk in the forest allows us to rediscover our inner child, to keep our five senses awake, and to marvel at everything around us. How can you keep yourself busy on a forest walk?

  • Discover the flora and fauna and learn about the different species of trees and plants. Why not create your own herbarium?!
  • In autumn, go mushroom picking. A simple and authentic pleasure. Do not eat any mushrooms until you have clearly identified them as edible.
  • Try to identify animal tracks in the earth, a fun activity for young and old.
  • Learn to orient yourself, read a map or a compass. To make this activity a little more fun, you can organize a treasure hunt.
  • Find the freshness! When the heat rises in the middle of summer, a walk in the forest is an opportunity to find a bit of freshness for a picnic, a walk, and why not a little nap. If there is a water point, you can even swim.

Going for a walk in the forest is an activity that appeals to both children and adults. This immersion in nature is an opportunity to learn, play and share. As you will have understood, there are only advantages to walking in the woods.